Windows Updates may be Break printing warned by Microsoft

Windows Updates may be Break printing warned by Microsoft

Let us tell you that since last week’s Windows Updates, the feature that addresses or fixes Windows Server printing issues on non-compatible devices from a year ago has been removed, consequently users may now experience printing issues and Microsoft itself has warned about this.

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By the way, this is not a new thing because we have been hearing about this since last year, you must remember that in the last year, a very famous developer Redmond explained in full detail that in July 2021, Windows After updating the security of the server, there will be some issues under which print and scan failures may occur, which will significantly affect Windows Domain Controllers (DCs).

The reason this happens is that it directly affects scanners, printers, and (MFP) multifunction devices as they do not comply with any changes of any kind made by CVE-2021-33764 and using (PIV) Smart Card authentication.

If all these things are taken into account, Developers of Microsoft have reported that the devices that do not support the advertisement for des-ede3-cbc (Triple DES) during Kerberos AS using the affected device smart card authentication and with this PKINIT does not support the Diffie-Hellman protocol in any way for key exchange during Kerberos authentication, and printers, scanners, and (MFP) multifunction devices are one of them.

By the way, we all know that we use Windows devices for currency transactions and scanning-related work, and for this, we also attach devices connected to them if there will is any such problem after releasing the update So users may also face failures in all these tasks and luckily Microsoft has reported that all the affected smart card authentication devices will work as expected and will not be able to do so in any way if user name/password authentication is used will also not be affected.

While Windows Servers that are affected by the temporary mitigation (Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008) all of these are expected to be removed from the security update on Patch Tuesday next month, which will also be released in the year 2022 on 9th August.

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