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Virus – What is Computer Virus?

What is a Computer Virus and How to Protect Our Computer?

Computer Virus is designed by a nasty group of cybercriminals, to spread from one device to another device the steal data and damage the device. It is just like a biological virus, a biological virus makes you sick and a computer virus makes your computer sick and dead.


A computer virus is a computer program, in other words, we can also call a computer virus is a code that replaces itself in your system in various ways. Viruses can be written in various programming languages such as c language, Assembly language, and many more.

What does a computer virus do?

Viruses are also of many types, many viruses work to steal the data of your system, while many works to take ransom money from you by locking your system data and files, then many works to redirect your web search to a malicious website. If you do, then many of the same viruses work to slow down your system.

Not only this, viruses have been divided into many different categories and their work has also been determined according to their ability. It is not at all that if a virus is less harmful, then it can be ignored, because if we ignore it considering it as less dangerous, then without our knowledge, other viruses will be called into our system and create a big danger for us. That’s why we should not ignore these dangerous viruses even by forgetting.

How does our computer get viruses?

Our computer gets a virus in several ways but some of the effective tricks that the virus used to infect our computer we mentioned below so please read very carefully.

  • By p2p file sharing.
  • By fake spam email attachments.
  • By malicious websites.
  • By porn websites.
  • By torrent websites.
  • By crack software.

Types of Computer Virus and their Work

There are many types of computer viruses but here we mentioned the main among them which are more dangerous, we are mentioning them in this article.

Trojan Virus:- Trojan virus is a very nasty computer virus designed by cyber hackers to steal data and important files from infected computers. Trojan virus is one of the most dangerous and critical viruses that has only motive to steal all sensitive files and images from compromised systems. Trojan word is derived from the ancient city “Troy”. Generally, Trojan viruses infect systems by infecting files or data like videos, fake emails, cracked software, torrent website, USB drive, etc.

Ransomware:- Ransomware is a malicious malware that mainly encrypts files or data on the infected computer and demands a huge amount of ransom money for the decryption key. Ransomware virus is very dangerous because once it infects your computer then you can’t find its own because it hides deep into your machine and then encrypt your all files and data with some unknown or unique extensions and then leave a ransom note in your system and demand ransom money for decrypting your data. To decrypt the encrypted data you must need a decryption key there is no other option to decrypt the encrypted data, and for the decryption key, you have to pay the ransom money.

On the basis of the worldwide survey, I strongly suggest you never trust any ransomware virus and don’t pay any ransom money, because this type of nasty virus is operated by a nasty group of cyber hackers and they are not trustable. By the survey report, there are billion of people who complained they still don’t get their data back even after paying the ransom money.

Adware Virus:- Adware is a potentially unwanted program created by cyber hackers to display pop-up ads which often appear on your system screen and you click on that ads then it will redirect various threats to your machine like Trojan viruses, Ransomware viruses, Spyware, Browser Hijackers, Rootkits, Rougeware, etc. generally people think that this virus not risky but they are absolutely wrong. Once adware installs into your machine then it will silently invite other harmful or dangerous malware to your PC and make your computer useless.

Browser Hijacker:- Browser Hijacker is a malicious web program that silently changes the browser setting without the knowledge of users and redirects their web searches to the malicious websites. Once users reach those malicious websites redirected by browser hijacker from their they download severe cunning threat and this is really very risky.

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