Finally, Microsoft Changed Its Mind about Blocking VBA Macros in Office

Finally, Microsoft Changed Its Mind about Blocking VBA Macros in Office

VBA (Visual Basic Application) is mainly used to access Windows API (Application Programming Interface), and VBA Macros are mainly used in excel programs to speed up manual tasks by creating custom user-generated functions and creating automated processes, perhaps this is the reason why attackers are using it to spread malware. Considering this, Microsoft has announced that it wants to block VBA macros in downloaded Office documents by default.

Please Take a Short Look:- Microsoft is an American multinational company that mainly produces tech-related products, established on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

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But the company has also made it clear that this is not a final decision, we will get their opinion from the user and after getting their feedback, this decision will be canceled, although it is now the user who will decide what to do. So let us remind you that in February 2022, the developers of Microsoft announced that VBA macros will be completely blocked by default in 5 Office applications, and not only this they have also disabled VBA Macros in XLM (Excel 4.0) for some security reason.

This did not stop there as users were completely unable to activate VBA macro scripts in their documents when they downloaded Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Word in early April of 2022. There is no doubt in this that the users must have suffered a lot due to this sudden change, but the company said that this change has been done keeping in mind the well-being of the users only.

Now the users also started giving their own opinion about all this and whatever problems they were facing due to this change, they also started giving their own feedback, after this, the company has left it to the users in view of all this. It will be done as the users say. Well, what is your opinion, do you really want to block VBA macros from office documents or not, please tell us your opinion in the comments.

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