US strict on Omicron variant, travelers will have to show 24-hour old corona negative report

US strict on Omicron variant, travelers will have to show 24-hour old corona negative report


In view of the Omicron variant of Corona, new rules are being implemented in the US from Monday. Now international travelers coming to the US will have to get their corona test done 24 hours before the trip. However, people who have got both doses of the vaccine have been given some relaxation. They can also show the report of the corona test done three days before the trip.

Other updates related to Corona in the world…

The number of infected in France increased to 8

In France, the number of Omicron infected has reached 8. The Public Health Agency of France has given this information. Omicron’s first case here was found at the State Department on Tuesday. This 50-year-old infected had returned from Nigeria. The next day on Wednesday, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said that 13 suspected cases had been identified in the country. At the same time, the first patient of Omicron has also been found in Sri Lanka.

Omicron’s first infected found in Malaysia, reached Malaysia via Singapore on November 19

The Omicron variant of Corona has started spreading in Asia as well. Malaysia’s Health Minister Khairi Jamaluddin said that the first case of Omicron has been registered in the country. A new variant has been found in a foreign traveler from South Africa. The passenger had reached Malaysia via Singapore on 19 November.

Omicron infected, 2 passengers returned to Singapore from South Africa, sent to isolation ward

Two passengers who returned to Singapore from South Africa have been found to be Omicron positive. The Health Ministry of Singapore said that after their arrival in Singapore, both the passengers underwent preliminary tests, in which they were found to be Omicron positive. Both the passengers who came here from Johannesburg have been kept in the isolation ward. They have mild symptoms like cough and sore throat.

The first person found infected is a 44-year-old Singaporean, who came here via Mozambique, Sejohannesburg. He was negative in the Covid test before taking off on 29 November in Mozambique. The second infected 41-year-old woman is also a citizen of Singapore. The woman was found negative in a test conducted before take-off on 29 November in Johannesburg. Both are fully vaccinated.

Announcement of lockdown for people who do not get vaccine in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a lockdown for people who have not been vaccinated. People without vaccination will no longer be able to go to public places. Even you will not be able to buy essential items. In Germany, the vaccine will be made mandatory for all people from February next year.

Britain’s PM Boris Johnson took a booster dose of Corona amidst the threat of Omicron


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has administered a booster dose of the corona vaccine amid the threat of Omicron. He himself gave this information through his Twitter account. Boris shared the video, in which he is seen getting a booster dose. Boris said- All of you should get a booster dose after your turn. We should not give second chance to the virus.

Britain bought 1.14 crore additional doses

Record new cases of corona were reported in Britain, during the last 24 hours 53945 cases were registered here. This number is the highest since July 17. The death of 141 people was also recorded in Britain. At the same time, Britain has bought 1.14 crore additional doses to protect against Corona.

5 more Omicron infected found in America, total cases increased to 8

Omicron has found 5 new infections in New York, out of which 1 in Hawaii was found infected, while 2 cases have been found in Minnesota and Colorado. The first case was found in California. The California patient in whom the Omicron variant was confirmed had returned from South Africa on 22 November. This person, who had taken both doses of the corona vaccine, had self-quarantined himself after showing very mild symptoms related to the epidemic. Later his test was found positive.

All the persons who came in contact with him have come negative. After getting Omicron, President Biden has immediately announced a new virus plan. There are proposals to increase the coverage of insurance and increase the travel ban. Omicron cases have been registered in a total of 5 states of America.

Nepal bans flights from 8 African countries and Hong Kong, ban will be applicable from today
Nepal has banned flights from Hong Kong and 8 African countries amid growing threat from Omicron. This ban will come into effect tonight. The 8 African countries include South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi.

South African scientist claims – Delta variant at primary level in Omicron got mild symptoms


Scientists in South Africa, who told the world about the Omicron variant, have made a reassuring claim. These scientists have said that the Omicron variant of the corona has mild symptoms at the primary level compared to the delta variant. Dr. Angelique Coetzee, head of the South African Medical Association, said that in the new variant, patients are getting symptoms like fatigue, body aches.

Do not be afraid of the most dangerous variant of Corona; be alert, wear a mask

What I was afraid of finally happened. Omicron, a new and more infectious variant of Corona, has been entered in India as well. The central government said on Thursday that two patients infected with Omicron have been found in Karnataka. Among them is a foreigner, who came to India in November.

Along with this, the government has warned that Omicron is 5 times more dangerous than Delta. So everyone needs to be aware. However there is nothing to fear. Just take your responsibility and wear a mask. All necessary measures are to be adopted to prevent corona.

Joint Secretary of Health Ministry Dr. Luv Agarwal, NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul and ICMR General Director Dr. Balram Bhargava held a press conference on this issue on Thursday.

He told that no serious symptoms have been reported so far in both the patients found in India. Even around the world, such patients are showing only mild symptoms. WHO is studying the features and effects of the new variant.

55% of the country’s cases in Kerala and Maharashtra

Luv Aggarwal told- Corona cases are decreasing continuously in the country for a month. It is a matter of concern that the positivity rate is still more than 10% in 15 districts. In 18 districts, this rate remains 5 to 10%. Kerala and Maharashtra are the only two states with more than 10,000 active cases. More than 55% of the country’s cases are here. He said that 49% of the population received both doses of the vaccine. Door-to-door vaccination campaign has started. There are currently 99,763 active cases of corona in the country. In the last 24 hours, 9,765 new cases have been reported.

Omicron was first found in South Africa

The Omicron variant was first found in South Africa on 24 November. The sample of the infected person was taken on 9 November. On 25 November, South Africa told the World Health Organization (WHO) about it. On 26 November WHO named the new variant B.1.1.529 as Omicron. It has been placed in the variant of concern category. After this came to light, many countries had banned flights to South Africa.

WHO said – need to be cautious with monitoring

Dr. Poonam Agarwal, Regional Director of WHO South East Asia said that two new cases of Omicron have been confirmed in India. This is not an unexpected case. In view of the continuous cases, there is a need for all countries to increase surveillance, be vigilant and emphasize measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Omicron is mutating far more frequently than the other variants. Scientists from all over the world are studying the behavior of Omicron. Research is also being done on ways to avoid this variant. WHO commends countries that have been able to identify cases of the new variant as quickly as possible. This will give better results in further studies.

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