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Top 5 Linux Distros you must try in 2022

Hello everyone, today we discus about Linux distros we are using Linux from many many days. as we all know that Linux is not new for us it is one of the most popular operating system. if you are still new for Linux means if you are still don’t know anything about Linux operating system (Linux Distros) then this article is only for you. So guys be ready because in this article I am going to discuss about five one of the best Linus distros you should must try in 2022.

If I am not wrong then most of the people from childhood till now using different version of windows operating system and mac operating system. This is quite difficult to analyze which operating system iOS better Mac or windows but it’s all depend on users need or what is their pocket budget? Windows has also released their latest version windows 11, with this update, people hoped that they would definitely get some big changes.

Linux Distros

If we are talking about the majority of windows users or Mac user then Undoudetly the number of Windows users will get more in the world but it would not be wrong to say that the number of Mac users is also increasing very fast. I think if someone wants to get a laptop or desktop, they only wear clothes between Windows and Mac. if I am talking about me then I am also a windows user but in this article I am going to discuss about Linux distros.

Linux is not new for our world it is very old operating system but normally me and you can’t use this OS only tech-savvy people wants to use Linux. I also want to discuss why common people don’t want to use Linux Distros because they think that Linux need codes but this is absolutely wrong. so if you also want to use Linux Operating System then article may be help you.

Top 5 Linux Distros to Consider in 2022

Linux is completely free and open-source OS based on UNIX. At the present scenario Linus user is also increased only because of it security purpose and flexibility. that’s why guys in this article we are going to discuss 5 best Linus distros also called Linux distributions.

Linux Mint

1. Linux Mint

If you are a beginners then this is one of the best Linux distros for you, it is based on Ubuntu and Debian. if I say that it is one of the fastest growing and very trusted version of Ubuntu and Debian. The best part of Linux Mint is it comes with some default software like as Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, Hex Chat, Transmission and Pidgin but if you want to use other software then you can easily download form package manager.

Lets Take Look On Some Main Features Of Linux Mint

  1. Loaded with lots of features.
  2. A rock-solid stable and secure OS.
  3. Long terms support and beta releases.
  4. Easy-to-use Cinnamon desktop.
  5. Access to Ubuntu software repository.
  6. Regular updates and releases.
  7. Large, supportive community.
  8. Out-of-the-box experience.

System requirements For This Linux Distros:

  • 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for comfortable usage).
  • 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, hit ALT to drag your windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the desktop screen).

Very Important Notes:

  • 64-bit ISO can easily boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • 64-bit ISO is recommended for all the modern computer system (Almost all computing device sold since 2007 are already equipped with 64-bit processors)

Download Linux Mint From Official Website


2. Ubuntu

Now a days Ubuntu is one of the most usual and powerful Linux distros with ultimate performance, so if also using Linux then Ubuntu is Undoudetly great choice for you. If you are a beginners then this is best for you and best part of Ubuntu is you can easily use it in your computers, smartphone and tablets. The other interesting part of this is it releases their updated versions in every 6 month with all bug fixes and lot of security that’s really very great.

Please Take a Short Look On Main Features Of Ubuntu

  1. Regular updates and releases.
  2. Fast and secure computing.
  3. A rock-solid stable and secure OS.
  4. Application Permission Control.
  5. Various desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, KDE, XFCE, MATE, etc.
  6. A whole world of apps.
  7. A Trustable Operating System
  8. Vast community and supportive forums.
  9. Loaded with lots of features.

Recommended system requirements For This Linux Distros:

  • 25 GB of free hard drive space
  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or more better
  • 4 GB system memory
  • Internet access is very helpful
  • DVD drive or any USB port for the installer media

Download Ubuntu From Official Website

Kali Linux

3. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is good for ethical hacking based on Debian Testing branch developed by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns. it is 100% unique operating system used by Black hat hackers or Security Administrator. you can also run beta mode of Kali Linux on your Windows 10 through command. if you are a Mac users then you can use it on your device as a primary or secondary operating system.

Main Features Of Kali Linux

  1. Very Powerful solid Debian base.
  2. Easily Usable on a Wide Range of any ARM Devices.
  3. A very Trustable Operating System.
  4. Regular rolling release model.
  5. Completely Customizable.
  6. Millions of tried and tested ethical hacking tools.
  7. Vast learning resource.
  8. Community support and forums.

System Requirements For This Linux Distros:

  • 20 GB disk space.
  • RAM for i386 and amd64 tectonics, minimum: 1GB, most recommended: 2GB or more than it.
  • USB boot support/CD-DVD Drive/VirtualBox.

Download Kali Linux From Official Website


4. Manjaro

If you are gaming lover then Manjaro is awesome for you, it is based on Arch Linux operating system. you can easily install it on your system through package manager (Packman) and a special software of Majaro is GNOME desktop albeit you can also install it on your any computer but be careful because some of the computing device sell it with the name of Manjaro pre-installed.

Main Features Of Manjaro

  1. Power, super fast speed, and efficiency.
  2. Easily access to the one of the latest cutting and bleeding edge of software.
  3. Pre-installed desktop environments
  4. Pre-installed codecs ready to play all type of multimedia files
  5. Easily access to any Arch User Repository (AUR).
  6. A simplified and user-friendly installation process.
  7. Automatic detection of computer’s hardware (example. graphics cards).
  8. Automatic installation of all type of important software (example. graphics drivers).
  9. Dedicated software repositories of completely tested and stable software packages.
  10. Easily supports for the installation and uses of multiple kernels.

System Requirements For This Linux Distros:

  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM.
  • Minimum 30 GB of hard disk space.
  • Minimum 1Ghz of processor
  • Completely high definition graphics card and monitor.
  • Broadband internet connection.

Download Manjaro From Official Website


5. Tails

At the present scenario it is not hidden from anyone that to what extent cybercrime has increased, in such a situation if want to keep your all kind of online activity private so that cyber criminals can not harm you at all then Tails is one of the best Linux distribution for you. It is completely designed to be booted from USB device or DVD, you can also run it on your system as a virtual machine.

Main Features Of Tails

  1. Forces all type of connection through Tor network
  2. Stores each and everything in RAM for no trace, it’s good for security.
  3. Suitable for general use for every one.
  4. State-of-the-art cryptographic tools.
  5. You can use it anywhere but leave no singal trace.
  6. Super Fast, Extra secure, and very reliable.
  7. Very simple to boot on any system with USB device or DVD disk.

System Requirements For This Linux Distros

  • USB Device of minimum 8 GB or a recordable DVD disk.
  • All your data on this USB device or DVD drive will automatically lost when you installing Tails.
  • Possibility to start from a USB or the DVD reader.
  • 64-bit x86-64 compatible processor:
  • 2 GB of RAM to work very smoothly.

Download Tails From Official Website

Conclusion: So guys in this article we discussed Top 5 Linux Distros, I hope you liked it and try this in this year 2022. if you find this article is useful for then please share this article with your family and friends and if want any kind of help then you can ask in comment our team will must reply you thank you.

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General FAQs

Thinking Face on WhatsApp What is Linux?

Linux is very powerful and completely free operating system just like Windows, Mac OS and iOS.

Thinking Face on WhatsApp How many types of Linux Distros are there?

It’s on you, what you want because there are several type of Linux distros Operating System are available for example if you want ethical hacking then Kali Linux are good for you and if you want privacy then tail are good for you so its totally on you and what you want.

Thinking Face on WhatsApp Which Linux distros is best for beginners?

If I say all version of Linux means all Linux distros are best and easy to use for the beginners then it wouldn’t be wrong at all, but if you use Linux Mint or Ubuntu then it don’t needs any coding.

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