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Tips To Reduce Belly Fat: How to get rid of belly fat?

Tips To Reduce Belly Fat: To get rid of belly fat, include these things in breakfast, know

Precaution! Excess fat on stomach can be dangerous, fear of these diseases

In today’s time, most of the people complain of enlarged stomach. When unnecessary fat accumulates around our waist, then there is a condition of belly fat. Many types of health problems occur due to this unnecessary fat.

It has been confirmed in many studies that due to unnecessary fat, many serious diseases take a person in their sufferer. Let us know which diseases can make you a victim of excessive fat on the stomach and why?

Belly Fat

Type 2 diabetes- People who have excess belly fat are at highest risk of developing type-2 diabetes, because the visceral fat present in the body works to hinder the production of insulin.

Eating foods that have high levels of sugar increases the level of sugar and insulin in the blood stream. With the help of which the cells present in the body produce more energy. After some time, these cells stop using sugar and insulin in sufficient quantity, due to which the level of blood sugar increases significantly, which can prove to be dangerous for the person.

Heart disease- It has been revealed in many studies that the visceral fat present in the body produces some types of molecular proteins, which harm our body. Some of these molecules constrict the blood vessels, which increases the level of blood pressure and increases the risk of heart disease.

Depression- It has been revealed in many studies that the fat present on the stomach has a bad effect on the healthy neurotransmitter function of the body. Due to this there are many changes in hormones as well. Along with this, the mood swings of the person start from time to time. If this is not taken care of, then the person gradually becomes a victim of depression.

Blood pressure- When the level of insulin and blood sugar in the body exceeds the normal, then the blood pressure starts increasing. High blood pressure can prove to be fatal for any person.

Dementia- People who have more belly fat are more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, this has not been confirmed yet. But it is believed that leptin, a hormone released from fat cells, has a bad effect on brain cells, the ability to remember things, memory and appetite.

Cancer-  Cytokines hormones released from visceral fat cells work to increase the activity of cancer in healthy cells. Its risk is higher in those women, in whom menstruation has ended. Actually, the main reason for this is that the production of estrogen hormone is reduced in the ovaries of women, due to which fat cells become the source of estrogen.

In women who are overweight, this hormone is made more due to the presence of more fat cells. Let us tell you, due to excessive production of this hormone, there is a possibility of breast cancer in women. At the same time, colorectal cancer can occur due to excess fat in men.

Sleeplessness- Due to excessive fat on the stomach and neck, a person snores and can also have to face sleep apnea. Actually, in sleep apnea, while sleeping at night, the person stops breathing for a few moments. It is directly related to the fat present on the lungs and throat tubes, which makes it difficult to breathe. Often people are not able to sleep properly due to difficulty in breathing while sleeping, which has a bad effect on people’s health.

Inflammation- The visceral fat present on the abdomen affects the molecules that cause inflammation in the body. This causes more inflammation in the body. Along with this, the balance of hormones in the body also gets disturbed. Inflammation of the body works to invite many serious diseases. It also has a bad effect on metabolism.

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Belly Fat

Now we discuss how to To get rid of belly fat?

Apart from digestive fiber, moong dal cheela also contains a significant amount of protein. It is considered a very healthy option for breakfast.

Tips To Reduce Belly Fat || How to Lose belly fat Naturally?

In today’s time people are falling prey to obesity due to poor diet, stress and chaotic lifestyle. People adopt various measures to get rid of obesity. But reducing the increasing weight especially belly fat is not easy at all. Belly fat not only looks bad, but to reduce belly fat, people sweat for hours in the gym and follow a diet plan. Although experts believe that including some things in your breakfast can also get rid of belly fat.

Belly Fat

To reduce belly fat, include these things in breakfast-

Yogurt- According to a study, consuming curd helps a lot in weight loss. Yogurt, rich in calcium and protein, helps in reducing weight. Along with this, it also manages the amount of protein in the body. In such a situation, people who want to reduce their belly fat, they can include this fiber and protein-rich yogurt in breakfast.

Upma- Upma is considered very beneficial for breakfast. The cimolina element present in Upma helps in controlling weight. Also it promotes good cholesterol. However, keep in mind that always make the upma in less oil.

Moong dal cheela- Apart from digestive fiber, moong dal cheela also contains a good amount of protein. It is considered a very healthy option for breakfast. The fibers present in it help in reducing belly fat. In such a situation, you can include moong dal cheela in your breakfast.

Egg- Some people also consume eggs in breakfast. The amount of carbs and fat in eggs is very less. Also, it keeps the stomach full for a long time, which helps in reducing belly fat.

Including these things in your breakfast can help you reduce belly fat.

Belly Fat

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