Story of Apple becoming a brand : The founder was evicted

The story of Apple becoming a brand: the founder was evicted; When the company started sinking, requested to call; Now the only company worth 224 lakh crores

On January 4, Apple became the first company in the world to cross the market cap of $3 trillion, or about Rs 224 lakh crore. The value has exceeded the GDP of 198 countries including India.

Started in 1976, Apple achieved the milestone of $1 trillion in August 2018. After 2 years, i.e. in August 2020, the company has crossed the $2 trillion market cap and in just 16 months it has touched $3 trillion.

On this occasion, we are going to tell you the whole story from the beginning of this brand till now. In this journey, you will also get to know many interesting and unheard stories. So let’s start from the beginning…


Apple’s first computer didn’t have a screen

This is the time when there used to be one computer equal to 6 refrigerators. Two friends named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak used to worry about this. He wanted to make such a computer, which people could easily keep in their home or office.

In the garage of Steve Jobs, both started the work of making such a computer. In 1976, his hard work paid off and Apple-1 was ready. When it was launched on 1 April 1976, it had neither a monitor, nor a keyboard, nor a box. Apple-2 launching in 1978 revolutionized the computer industry. The company’s sales grew from $7 million to $117 million in 2 years.

Computers Shuts Down, But Both Founders Dropped

In 1983, Steve Wozniak’s interest began to decline and he left the company. After this Steve Jobs hired John Scully from PepsiCo. However, this move proved to be counterproductive, and Steve Jobs had to leave Apple in 1985. The command of the company fell entirely in the hands of John Scully.

By the 1990s, Apple Computers made huge profits. After this the market share started declining and the company started sinking. In 1997, the board members decided to bring Steve Jobs back to the company. It was a turning point and Apple never looked back after that. Steve Jobs increased sales of computers and launched products such as the iBook, iPod, MP3 player and iPhone and became the market leader.


The Secret Story of the iPhone’s Creation

Brian Merchant has written a book called ‘The One Device: The Secret of the iPhone’. According to this, only Steve Jobs knew the idea of ​​making iPhone and he did not share this thing with anyone.

Steve Jobs named his project ‘Project Purple’. For this a building was taken in Cupertino. The people living near this building did not even know what was going on in it. The team members involved in Project Purple were not even aware of the final product they were working on.

After 3 years of hard work, in January 2007, Steve Jobs launched the world’s first iPhone at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. According to the news published in the New York Times, engineers were nervous and scared at the time of launch, as Jobs was presenting the first iPhone to the world on stage and if there was a problem with the device or the phone did not perform properly while showing the demo. Later he would have to be a victim of Jobs’ anger.


Share price increased by 5800% after iPhone launch

Apple’s stock has risen 5800% since the launch of the iPhone in January 2007. Tim Cook turned to video streaming and music services. This has reduced the dependency on the iPhone. In 2018, 60% of Apple’s revenue came from the iPhone, which has now come down to 52%. However, in the fiscal year ending September, iPhone sales stood at $192 billion, a nearly 40% increase from the year before.

Tick ​​Cook took over after Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs resigned from Apple in August 2011 and died of cancer in October of the same year. The company was headed by Tim Cook. Cook launched Watch in 2015, AirPods in 2016. In 2018, the company crossed the $1 trillion market cap for the first time. After 2 years it also crossed the 2 trillion dollar mark. On 3 January 2022, Apple became the first company in the world to achieve a market cap of $3 trillion.

Think different is in Apple’s DNA… be it design or management

  1. Apple never competes with the existing product in the market, but believes in bringing its own unique product. Be it MP3 player, tablet, smartphone, earpod, watch or computer.
  2. Unlike other companies, there are no separate committees to take decisions. It has a central executive committee, which works continuously in the design and development of the product. This committee takes the final decision.
  3. The hardware, operating system and applications are Apple’s own.
  4. The most important thing about design. Former executive Tony Fadell explains how he’s often asked how to compete with Apple’s design. So they used to say stop copying Apple and focus on your own design. Jobs has embedded design in Apple’s DNA in such a way that it is clearly visible in every product.

The one of the most interesting story of the name and logo

For many years, this story was prevalent about the Apple logo – Alan Mathsin was a computer scientist named Turing, who created the German code breaking machine. The name of this machine was ‘Turing Machine’. It is said that the government had committed many atrocities on Allen. He was mentally tortured. Due to which Alan committed suicide. It is heard that he kept the apple in cyanide and got up in the morning and ate it and kept the rest of the apple on the table. The apple placed on the table became the logo of itself.


Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak in his 2006 book iWoz called this story baseless and told the real anecdote of Apple’s name and logo. According to the book, ‘Me and Jobs were traveling on the highway. We talked about the name of the company. Steve Jobs was coming from Oregon at that time which is called apple orchard. He said how will the computer be? We couldn’t find any better name than this.

The first logo was designed by Ronald Wayne. Steve Jobs was not happy with this and hired Rob Janoff. In 1977, Apple’s iconic logo appeared, which continues to this day. The sliced ​​apple was taken so that people do not consider it a berry.

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