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STOP/DJVU Ransomware Virus Removal (2022 Guide)

Oh, God! Please help, How can I open my STOP/DJVU encrypted files? I am unable to open them.

Be relaxed don’t get panic the cybercriminals warn you that you can only open your encrypted files if you have the decryption key and for the decryption key you have to pay the ransom money. In this guide, we mentioned all the steps that help you to remove this nasty STOP/DJVU Ransomware and recover your all encrypted files without paying any ransom money to the hackers.

Part 1. What’s STOP/DJVU Ransomware?

Stop/Djvu Ransomware is one of the nasty file-encrypting malware that uses the RSA cryptography algorithm to encrypt (lock) data on a system or entire server is running on the Windows operating system, making files completely useless. This was first detected in 2018 by Michael Gillespie and since then this Nasty Stop/Djvu Ransomware has made many people its victims all over the world. If you are also a victim then this article very helpful for you, so read this article very carefully.


Generally, people download this nasty malware from fake email attachments, cracks, or keygens. In the present scenario, there is over 440 version of this cunning virus has released UDLA, GTYS, MPAG, VOOM, KXDE, WDLO, PPHG, RGUY, SSOI, KKIA, HFGD, MMUZ, RGUY, UIGD, EYRV, VLFF, BPQD, XCBG, KQGQ, VTYM, QBAA, FOPA, VYIA, IIOF, SDJM, FGNH, FGUI, JJTT, RTGF, OOII, GCYI, EUCY, CKAE, QNTY, CCPS, IIPS, AVYU, CUAG, BBBE, BBBR, QQQR, MAIV, BBBW, YOQS, QQQE, QQQW, MAAK, FHKF, VFGJ, WRUI, LMAS, URNB, FDCZ, YTBN, EKVF, ENFP, TIRP, REIG, RIBD, CADQ, YGKZ, PLAM, .COSD, POLA, WBXD, COOS, QLKM, ATEK, IGAL, BOOA, IGDM, NOBU, WEUI, LISP, SGLH, EPOR, VVOA, AGHO, VPSH, JDYI, IISS, NYPG, EFJI, MMPA, FOQE, MOSS, LYLI, COPA, KOLZ, NPPH, OGDO, KASP, NORD, BOOP, VARI, OONN, KOOK, ERIF, KUUS, REPL, ZIDA, MOBA, PYKW, TABE, NYPD, ZWER, KKLL, NLAH, ZIPE, PEZI, KOTI, MZLQ, SQPC, MPAL, QEWE, LEZP, LALO, MPAJ, JOPE, OPQZ, REMK, FOOP, LOKD, REZM, MOOL, OOSS, MMNN, ROOE, BBOO, BTOS, NPSG, NOSU, KODC these are the latest. We should appreciate Michel Gillespie and Emsisoft because they discovered the decryptor STOP/DJVU RANSOMWARE in 2018 or 2019.

Part 2. How Did Ransomware Infect Your Computer

It is quite difficult to define all the filthy ways that used STOP/Djvu ransomware for its distribution. But ransomware viruses can enter your computer in various ways, your little carelessness can turn into a big danger for you so you need to be careful. Here we are going to tell you some such things, which you should take special care of because in general, this ransomware infects your computer in these ways.

Malicious Scripts
Unsafe Networks
Freeware Programs

Malicious Scripts

I am going to give you a piece of very special information, every malicious website has a pre-attached Trojan virus whenever a visitor reaches there, and allows any permission or done any single mistake the Trojan virus is sent ransomware virus on their computer. That’s why I strongly suggest you that never visit any unknown or malicious websites because it may be that a very big danger is waiting for you, so be careful, be alert. Do not allow any permissions even if you accidentally reach such websites, and don’t pay any attention to any kind of tempting aids.


I hope You must know something about fake extensions, it is one of the most common ways that ransomware gets into your system. There are so many people who try to download extensions for their own personal reason, these types of websites use this medium to get access to your system. I do not say that every extension is bogus, but it is also true that if you use any bogus extension then it means you invite this nasty ransomware virus to your computer on your own and create a big danger for your files and data.

Unsafe Networks

Unsafe Networks is one of the most popular methods that STOP/DJVU Ransomware viruses get access to your system. Nowadays many people want to watch porn websites but they don’t know those porn websites are very dangerous because cyber criminals mostly use these types of websites for their evil purpose, they attached Trojan viruses to the porn website. If you also visited any porn website ever then you also realised that when you try to play any videos then so many annoying pages automatically open without your any permissions. So the conclusion is visiting any third-party websites is not safe for us, that’s why we always try to avoid it.

Freeware Programs

It is another very popular and easy method for STOP/DJVU Ransomware viruses to intrude on your computer system through freeware software and program. Nowadays many people want free software, games, movies, and many more, and they don’t know that this is very risky because hackers take advantage of this weakness or habit of yours, the habit of taking free software games or any other thing, even if it is Wi-Fi, can land us in big and unintentional trouble. So if you don’t want this nasty ransomware or other similar threats to your computer system then never try to use Freeware Programs.

Part 3. Remove STOP/DJVU With Malware Removal Tool

The automatic Malware Scanner Tool is an amazingly effective and equally easy solution to removing all kinds of critical malware from the Windows system. It comes with a pack of several effective and advanced features that will help the users to remove the STOP/DJVU virus completely in just a few easy steps. It is a very safe, quick, and powerful utility. One of the most amazing things about this significant utility is that it provides complete protection to your computer system from all kinds of PC threats, malware, and viruses. It quickly scans your entire system and removes STOP/DJVU along with other suspicious infections in a very safe as well as hassle-free way.

Additionally, by using this advanced utility you can schedule the scan times. It also provides all types of essential technical assistance directly from the security experts if users needed. The best thing is that it is well compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System computers such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 10. Automatic Malware Scanner Tool provides a very easy-to-understand graphical user interface that enables the users to navigate this tool quite easily without any kind of essential technical skills. Therefore, it is recommended to download the Automatic Malware Scanner Tool Malware Scanner and get rid of STOP/DJVU virus completely.

Powerful Features Of Automatic Malware Scanner

  1. It can easily remove all kinds of threats such as Adware, Browser Hijacker, Trojan, Ransomware, Redirect viruses, Tech Support Scam pop-ups, etc.
  2. It provides complete protection to your system from all sorts of malware and threats.
  3. With its System Guard feature, you can detect and stop any kind of malicious process automatically.
  4. It provides an Exclusion feature that enables the users to exclude certain applications from being detected.
  5. Its Latest Malware Definition Updates provide complete protection from the latest threats.
  6. It allows the users to customize the entire scanning process
  7. One-On-One customer support provides direct technical support from experts if needed.
  8. In case of any complication, you can use Custom Malware Fixes and the technicians themselves will fix your PC issues.
  9. It comes with a very interactive and user-friendly graphical interface.

Steps to Remove STOP/DJVU With Malware Removal Tool

Download and Install Automatic Malware Scanner On your PC.

  • Now double click on the installer file then clicks Yes to install the program.


  • then after, launch the application and click on the Start Scan Now button to scan your system.


  • Scan your computer system to find all kinds of malicious malware and other severe issues in your system.


  • At last, click on the Next button to see the final results and remove STOP/DJVU Ransomware Virus and other nasty infections.



Part 3. Recover Encrypted Files Using Stellar Data Recovery software

  • First of all download the Data Recovery software on your system.
  • After installing the programs, click on the Start Scan button to run a full scan of your computer.

  • When software detects all files then click on the Recover button to get back your data.


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