Chinese don’t like Chinese smartphones, know who is China’s top smartphone brand?

Chinese do not like Chinese smartphones, know who is China’s top smartphone brand?

Countries like India are dominated by Chinese smartphones. Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and Vivo are the top 5 smartphone brands in India. The same 5G smartphone market is occupied by the Chinese smartphone brand Realme. Realme has emerged as India’s number-1 5G smartphone brand. According to statistics, about 80 percent of the smartphone market in India is occupied by Chinese smartphone brands. Meaning 8 out of every 10 present in India are Chinese smartphones. But you will be surprised to know that Chinese branded smartphones are not preferred in China.


Who is China’s No.1 Smartphone Brand

According to the report of October 2021, leaving Oppo behind, Apple has become the top smartphone brand in China. Apple iPhone smartphone is most liked in China. According to a report by research firm Counterpoint, in the month of October, the Apple iPhone 13 series smartphones have registered a growth of 46 percent compared to the previous month. China’s giant tech companies Huawei, Vivo, Oppo have failed to become the top smartphone brand.

These 10 mobile companies of China are creating panic in India

The Indian smartphone market is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and there are 10 Chinese companies in the affordable and medium segment mobile phone market.

The Indian smartphone market is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and there are 10 Chinese companies in the affordable and medium segment mobile phone market. A few years back though it was such that people used to shudder when they heard the name of Chinese mobile phone, but now the phones of Chinese companies mean quality and excellence. Many Chinese companies now make their smartphones in India itself. Chinese companies started making mobile phones in India from the year 2015.

The 10 major Chinese companies that make smartphones in India for the Indian and global markets are:

Xiaomi : This company sells the maximum number of phones in the middle segment in the country. Especially the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4 models are the best selling models in the country. The company has a manufacturing unit in SriCity, Andhra Pradesh, where it manufactures Made in India smartphones. Xiaomi entered the Indian market in July 2014 through the e-marketplace Flipkart. After that the company started manufacturing its smartphone in India from the year 2015.

SriCity is a planned integrated business city of Andhra Pradesh, where many medium scale industries are established. The company is soon going to launch Redmi Note 5, the upcoming version of the most popular Redmi Note 4 in India.

Lenovo : The Chinese company Lenovo is a multinational company, headquartered in North Carolina, USA besides Beijing. The company manufactures personal computers, tablets, workstations, servers and electronic storage devices in addition to smartphones.

Lenovo’s business is spread in 60 countries of the world including India and the company’s products are sold in 160 countries. In January 2014, Lenovo bought its brand ‘Motorola’ from Google and now the company manufactures its own brand as well as Motorola brand smartphones, smart watches.

This company manufactures its smartphones in India at Sriperum Budur near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Both Motorola and Lenovo brands of smartphones are made here. Lenovo’s ‘K’ series and ‘P’ series smartphones are very popular in India. At the same time, Motorola’s ‘J’ series, ‘X’ series, ‘E’ series, ‘G’ series and ‘C’ series smartphones are popular in India. Apart from this, the company also makes Moto 360 smartwatch.

Oppo : Oppo, a company of Donguan in Guangdong province of China, manufactures its smartphones in India in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, the company is also preparing to open its new factory in the Industrial Park of Greater Noida. The company is also the sponsor of the Indian Premier League in India. The major models sold by Oppo in India are V7, V7 Plus, V5S, V5 Plus, Y69 and Y66.

Vivo : Vivo’s factory is in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and the company is going to start its second factory here soon. Vivo is currently the sponsor of the Indian Premium League. The company’s models available in the Indian market include Oppo F1s, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo F1 Youth and Oppo A37. In the last few months, smartphones from Vivo and another Chinese company Oppo have become increasingly popular in the Indian market. Both the companies are known for their selfie centric phones.


Huawei : This company’s factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong province of China is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and the company has opened its new research and development center in Bangalore. Huawei began manufacturing telecommunications equipment in the 80s and is known for manufacturing mobile network equipment for telecommunications companies. The company’s flagship model is P9 and Google Nexus 6P. Apart from this, the company’s smartwatch Huawei Watch 2 and smart band Huawei Band 2 Pro are available in the Indian market.

OnePlus India : The company’s factory is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where Oppo’s mobile phones are also manufactured along with OnePlus. The latest models from OnePlus are the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5. OnePlus is known for fast updating the latest version of Android for its handsets.

OnePlus smartphones run on Oxygen OS (operating system) based on the latest version of Android. The company only manufactures flagship models and claims its phones to be flagship killers.

Coolpad : Coolpad Group of China has partnered with Videocon Group to manufacture smartphones in India. The company’s smartphones sold in India are assembled at the factory located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Coolpad Coolplay 6, Coolpad Coolplay 1 and Coolpad Note 5 are among the best selling models of Koodpad in India.

Gionee : Gionee, a company based in Guangdong, China, has set up its factory in Faridabad, Haryana. The company also sells mobiles manufactured from here in the markets outside India. The company had made an initial investment of Rs 500 crore in this factory. The flagship models of this company sold in India include M7 Power, X1 and A1. The company has roped in Alia Bhatt and Virat Kohli as its brand ambassadors.

Zopo Mobile : Chinese company Zopo Mobile entered the Indian market in August 2015. company

Apple leaves Oppo and Vivo behind

In March this year, Oppo had emerged as the largest smartphone company in China. But Vivo managed to become the top in March 2021. But in October, Apple has become China’s leading smartphone company, leaving behind all these companies. This is the first time since December 2015 that Apple has emerged as the top smartphone brand in China. According to the report, Huawei has been out of the premium smartphone market for some time. In the last 5 to 6 months, there has been a strong decline in the market share of Huawei. Apple has got the direct benefit of this.

Whose market share was

  1. Apple – 22 percent
  2. Vivo – 20 percent
  3. Oppo – 18 percent
  4. Huawei – 8 percent

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