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Should We Pay The Ransom Money Or Not?

Should We Pay The Ransom Money Or Not?

Actually this question is really very interesting, but here i let you know why we shouldn’t pay the ransom money to the cyber criminal. as we all know that first of ransomware insert into our computer system then encrypt all the important and secrets files with some unknown extensions and leave a ransom note in our system and demand huge amount of ransom money behalf of decryption key. they also warn us that don’t try any other decryption method to decrypt or files otherwise they will delete our files permanently or we lost our data forever.

Ransom Money

once people read read the ransom note they got panic and think if we pay the ransom money the creator of the ransomware virus means cyber hackers will give them the decryption key and they will easily get their data back, but the question is Will the cyber hackers really return their data back after taking ransom money or not? there are millions of victims those who have been a seeker of ransomware have revealed that even after giving ransom money, they did not get any decryption by cybercriminals and their data is still locked.

May the cyber criminals demand more ransom money

Guys once you pay the ransom money they will release some of files or ask if you want your more files back then you must need to pay some extra ransom money. many victims complained that they already paid the ransom money what the hackers demand but they didn’t get their complete data back. so this on you do you want to be a victim of hacker again and again or not?

Ransom Money

May be the hackers encrypt your data again

Once you pay the ransom money, suppose the criminal give you they decryption key but it is also possible that they will encrypt your data again with other extension. They think that it is very easy to take ransom money from this user this user trust us easily so if we again encrypt their file and this user will pay us again.

Trust on hacker is not safe

guys we all know that cyber hackers is also a criminals and they only wants money, now a days cyber hackers are more active they always try some different ways to prey the more and more users. It doesn’t matter to them whether you have money or not, they only want their money if you won’t give them the money they destroy your all encrypted files forever or invites other dangerous threat or malware into your computer system without your knowing like trojan, adware, spyware, rogueware, rootkits, browser redirect etc.

So never ever trust on the cyber criminals or never think to pay the ransom money to the hackers because once you pay the think that this user is coward we can easily take money from this users and they will attacks on your computer by different ways again again.

Ransom Money

If the files encrypted what should we do?

if your file are encrypted with any unknown extension and the the hackers demand ransom money from you, then first of all take a deep breath and don’t get panic and never think to pay the ransom money because paying ransom money is not the correct potion to stop this type of attack.

First of all you have to delete this nasty ransomware virus completely from your PC and for this you can use a very powerful malware scanner or removal tool that can easily detect or remove this nasty or cunning ransomware virus. once you will remove this virus completely from your system then think about now how you can easily recover your all encrypted data without paying any ransom money to the cyber criminals.

Guys you can use data recovery software like stellar data recovery tool or you can also visit the No More Ransom Website and check the decryptor is available or not.

if you easily want to get your data back then you should use data recovery software like stellar data recovery tool, because it will easily recover your all encrypted data in just one or two click. So this totally on you what you want, do what ever you want want but never trust on the cyber criminals.

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