Sensex 80000: Experts are telling that there will be a big boom in the Sensex

Sensex 80000: Note this date, experts are telling that there will be a big boom in the Sensex, these will be the reasons to stop the pace

Sensex 80000: If you are troubled by the decline of the stock market and do not understand what to do? So read this full news immediately.

Sensex 80000: Global brokerage firm Morgan Stanley has said that the BSE Sensex can go from 70,000 to 80,000 levels in the next one year. According to Morgan Stanley, the bull rally in the Indian stock market may continue for a long time as compared to other emerging countries. However, along with the expectation of growth, a warning has also been given for the short term. There may be some volatility in the market in the short term. The brokerage firm said that for investors who are ready to take a risk for a short time, its stance is positive.


In a report led by Ridham Desai, Head Equity Strategist at Morgan Stanley India, the brokerage house has assessed the Indian stock market in two positions. First base case and second bull case. The brokerage firm said that in the base case, the Sensex can go to the end of 70,000 by December 2022 next year. This is about 16% higher than the current level of the Sensex.

It has been said in the report that the base case means that the economic growth during this period will be as per the estimates. There will be stability in Corona cases and the government will support the economy by increasing expenditure and through its policies. Sensex can go up to 70,000 in this base case.

At present, there is a period of ups and downs in the stock market, the month of November is still full of decline. In the last month i.e. October, Nifty went up to the all-time high of 18,604 points, after that there has been a slight decline in Nifty.

Bull, 30 percent chance of base

  1. According to Morgan Stanley, in the bull case, the Sensex can touch the level of 80 thousand by December 2022. In this case, the brokerage firm has estimated that a capital of $ 2 trillion can come to India, there is no third wave of corona in the country, no lockdown is imposed, US dollar index and oil prices are in a limited range. and RBI’s withdrawal may be delayed. According to Morgan Stanley, the probability of this case is 30 percent.
  2. In the base case, there will be stability in the corona epidemic and economic recovery. RBI will exit gradually. According to the brokerage firm, the Sensex can reach the level of 70 thousand in this case.
  3. In Morgan Stanley’s beer case, the Sensex can fall to the level of 50 thousand. In this case, RBI can take strict action to stop inflation.

This will be the reason for the increase

In the bull case, Morgan Stanley predicted the Sensex to go up to 80,000 points. According to the report, by bull case, he means that in this way foreign investment in India should increase to 2 thousand crore dollars. Let the cases of corona virus stop and there should be no lockdown. Oil prices and US dollar rates remained in a limited range and did not run away. Also, India will be included in the Global Bond Index during that time.

Reasons for the fall in the market

Along with this, Morgan Stanley has also speculated about a beer case. The brokerage said that if the RBI uses the weapon of strictness to control inflation, oil prices rise, the US Fed changes its policy on reserve bonds and the Covid cases also increase, then in such a situation the Sensex will come down to 50,000. could.

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