Security update : Microsoft & Adobe Releases in April 2022

April 2022 Security Updates & Review

Microsoft has recently released more than 100 security fixes programs that easily resolved all kinds of serious problems in a very few time period. But on Tuesday another security update was released by Microsoft and Adobe. If you are also interested to know about it, then this article will help you, we will try to make you aware of every small and big thing related to it in this article, so please read this article completely and take advantage of this article.

Security Updates

As we all know to what extent cybercrime has increased in the present time, cybercriminals are sitting fully prepared and making new strategies every day that how they can carry out more bad incidents and earn profit for themselves. And in this condition, we also need to increase our information so that we can face every worst situation and protect ourselves from these cabaret hackers and their bad intentions.

Adobe Patches for April 2022 for Security update purpose

So Adobe just rolled out four new updates for the month of April, addressing 70 CVEs in Acrobat and Reader, Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Commerce straight away. In this way, the update of Acrobat and Reader is considered to be the biggest update ever, with 62 CVEs being addressed directly. A total of 54 of these CVEs were reported through the ZDI program, of which 27 are attributed to ZDI vulnerability analyst Matt Powell.

Not only this, critical-rated use-after-free (UAF) and out-of-bounds (OOB) write bugs are also being fixed. This needs special attention as they can allow an attacker to execute code on the target system much more easily than if they could use a user to open a specially created PDF document. Photoshop’s patch, on the other hand, has 13 CVEs already fixed, and all of them were reported from ZDI via a special program.

Let me tell you that all vulnerabilities associated with this patch directly address very critical-rated code and execution bugs. So again the same, an attacker would need to prepare any user to open any specially crafted file in order to gain code execution, otherwise, this would not be possible.

Microsoft Patches for April 2022 for Security Updates

By the way, many people would know that in the latest round of patches of Redmond Giant, a new patch is released every Tuesday, so on Tuesday, Microsoft also released a new patch, with the help of which much remote code execution ( RCE) bugs, Elevation of Privilege (EoP) problems, denial of service, sensitive information leaks and spoofing.

In the month of April 2022, Microsoft also released Microsoft Windows and Windows Components, Microsoft Defender and Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), Microsoft Dynamics, Exchange Server, Office, and the all component of Office, SharePoint Server, CVE in Windows Hyper-V Addressing 128 new patches have been released.

We must be aware of all these security updates and patches because if we use them at the right time, then our system will also work properly and we will also be able to increase the difficulties of cybercriminals. It is not that if we do not use patches, then we will get into a lot of trouble, but if we use all these facilities, it will be better for us.

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