SATA Cables WiFi Networks help to steal data from Computer

SATA Cables WiFi Networks help to steal data from Computer

The security specialists of the University of Ben-Gurion which is situated in the Negev, Israel have developed a new technique to pilfer data from an isolated computer, in this technique, they are using SATA Cables (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) as WiFi Antennas.

So by the way, let me tell you that although SATA cables could be used to transmit signals of radio in the 5.9995 and 5.9996 GHz frequency band and this information we will tell you about the head of research and development at the cyber security center in the university, Dr. Giving according to Mordechai Guri.

As by rule, such machines which are found in any private network, government and military departments, are kept very safe because many documents are found in them which are very sensitive, and I am not telling you anything new because do not know from how many years and how many methods researchers have been using so that they can extract data from such secure devices.

If I say that this attack is completely new and different from another attack because it uses SATA cables so it is called SATAn, to make this type of attack successful, first of all, an attacker has to do a malware attack on the machine on which they want to attack and take his data, only then SATA attack can be successful and it is not so easy, for this, the attacker has to be very careful, and if the single mistake did them can spoil everything.

So in the same amendment, it was found that the distance between any receiver and its transmitter would take a certain time to send any data from one place to another and it all depends on the interval between it, and this amendment found that it took 0.2 second, 0.4 second, 0.6 second, 0.8 second, 1.0 second, and 1.2 seconds to transmit a sequence of three bits.

Similarly, in research, it was also found that when any data is read/written by any virtual machine, then the signal quality on the SATA cables decreases to a great extent.

SATA Cables

A study found that in such a situation to prevent these attacks and to maintain the security situation, SATA Jammer should be used which keeps full surveillance on every type of suspicious read/write activity. But apart from all this, the experts also say that it is not so easy to detect the difference between malicious and real attacks.

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