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Public Wi-Fi: Is It Safe to Use in 2022?

Public Wi-Fi: Is It Safe to Use in 2022?

If we talk about free Public Wi-Fi, then we gonna very happy but have we ever thought whether it is safe for us or not? So guys in this article we are going to discuss Public Wi-Fi: Is It Safe to Use in 2022 or not? that’s why our team suggested you to read this article very carefully.

Many people advised you that public Wi-Fi is not safe for use it is very dangerous, you shouldn’t connect your wifi at unknown place. Ant i9t also true that most of the people also experienced in their life that how much public Wi-Fi is dangerous. But do you know that the whole matter has changed since last year, I do not say that it is completely safe to use public Wi-Fi in the new year, but if we take a little care then it is not that much dangerous either.

Is public wi-fi safe or dangerous?

It is really very difficult topic of discussion because it belongs to our security one mistake can create a big danger for us. some people says that it completely safe for us we just need to be taking appropriate precautions, but some people also believe that it can increase our difficulties and we can be a seeker of online crime.

Our team tried to collect all the information about this topic from several website, and we tried to know from many website people what they have to say about it what they think about but different people have different views on different websites. So in such a situation it becomes an even more serious topic, is it really safe to use public Wi-Fi in the new year 2022 and if it is, how safe is it?

Public Wi-Fi

In fact, if there is hardly any person who would never use public Wi-Fi in his whole life, all of us must have use it at some point or the other, now it is completely up to us that how we should use it. Many people are also seen, who keep thinking that they can get free public Wi-Fi from anywhere, maybe they have never been a victim of any kind of deception in their life only then do they do this.

Apart from all this, if you ask to me whether we should use public Wi-Fi anywhere, is it safe to use public Wi-Fi anywhere, then my answer will be absolutely no, yes you heard absolutely right, I think we haven’t use free public Wi-Fi anywhere. As we know that now a days there are so many cyber hackers are waiting for a single chance to attack on us or on our device or in such a situation, we should not give them any kind of opportunity through Hotspot, they can be successful in their plans.

Do you know that nowadays it has become a topic of great discussion on many community whether it is safe to use public Wi-Fi and if it is, how safe is it? If we use public Wi-Fi, then it is very important for us to know the difference between a normal hotspot and malicious hotspot because malicious hotspots can create a very big problems for us, maybe we can also be a seeker of online fraud. So without waste our time let’s start our own discussion on this topic.

Why now public Wi-Fi is more safer than before?

As we all know that with security in mind google has forced apply https protocol over all kind of websites and this really mandatory, if you don’t apply https on your websites then your browser warn you when you try to open your websites easily.

It is absolutely true that due to this new change of Google, people have to face some problems, but we should not forget that it is for our own safety, so we must should also follow it.

Public Wi-Fi

Now to pass this new change of Google on your website, you also have two choices, either you put paid https on your website or free. Now you will ask that how can we put a free https on your website, then I can tell you that by searching free on Google, you can install it on your website absolutely free for 3 months and then after 3 months you will get the same thing again.

If I say in simple and easy words that if you use http site then your connection will not be secure, it can be lost at any time, not only that, other people can spy on you very easily. But if you do the https website, then your connection will be secure and along with it you will also be snoop free.

Some spying is still possible

Now the thing to think about is that https is completely safe or not. So let’s talk openly on this topic that there is still some danger and how can we avoid it. Let’s think we collide on an HTTP website on a malicious hotspot, it can be risky for us. Because whenever we are browsing the internet, we do not know whether the website we land on is https or not.

That’s a proverb that when an incident happens to us, first of all our intellect gets confused, just like when we connect to some malicious hotspots and open a suspicious website at the same time, then we are in danger of some big and terrible accident.

Apart from all these things, if we only go to the https website, then that too can be a little bit risky for us. However, visiting the https website may not prove to be as dangerous for us as visiting the Unsecure website, in this cyber criminals may get a little chance to attack our device if we are connected to a malicious public WiFi hotspots.

Cyber attackers will use every remedy to harm you, now or completely it is up to you and us how Huma protects himself and does not allow him to succeed in his plans. We have to take our step in the online world very hurriedly, this is the only way to keep ourselves safe.

Guys there are still some risks while using Public Wi-Fi

Guys just suppose you are connected to a cunning or malicious hotspot and you are surfing your Internet then it will automatically redirect your search to the malicious websites and there you will see various type of offers and you will click on them to get the offer and at the same time, you can be a victim of online scams, because it is not a real offer, it is just to invite you in some way so that cybercriminals can grab a lot of money by giving you all kinds of temptations.

Now it is up to us that we should not fall in their luscious temptations and do not give any of our data to them. Now it is completely clear that there is no such thing as a secure Wi-Fi, it is completely up to us how we use it. We can also use VPN (virtual private network), because with this we can change our address so that no one will be able to spy on us easily.

Final Conclusion About Public Wi-Fi: Is It Safe to Use in 2022?

Keeping all these things in mind, it will not be so easy to reach any conclusion, but our topic is whether public Wi-Fi is safe to do it or not, so we made a small effort to reach the seriousness of this matter. And hope that if you have read this post completely, then you must have got a clear idea that what is the answer after all, but then in the last crowd, I will tell you that anything is possible in online world. Nothing can be guessed, in such a situation, we need to be very careful.

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