Attackers use proxyware to hack Microsoft SQL Server steal bandwidth

Nowadays these attackers have started a new game, although it will not be completely correct to call it a new game because the thing I am going to tell you about has been going on for a long time I have called it a new game because nowadays days these threats actors are using it very widely, so now let us tell you what is that game, in fact, these attackers are running proxy service on rent for money these days and for this, they are Hacking Microsoft SQL Server and turning it into a proxy server by the help of proxyware software.

To steal the bandwidth of the device, these attackers use a software called proxyware, which easily allocates the internet bandwidth present in a device as a proxy server, which can be accessed by any Remote users at their own convenience for a variety of different tasks such as watching movies, content delivery, testing, market research, or intelligence collection, many people use this type of theft proxy, to hide their identity.


Ahnlab, a well-known South Korean company, has revealed a malicious campaign that some attackers were using similar proxies that they obtained with the help of ProxyWare software on the hacked device and Steal the bandwidth of another machine. According to analysts, hackers earn more than normal users by using these types of services. According to the researchers, these hackers infect proxyware software on the compromised machines to earn more and more profit, just because of this the users of the infected device have to face many problems.

On the other hand, if you know about the statistics of the Peer2Profit service, then you will be surprised to know that according to these figures, users earn up to $6000 per month, and for this, they install proxyware software on many devices simultaneously. Experts also say that by using this type of service, device owners can easily change their proxy address and in return, they pay a substantial amount per month.

According to experts, IPRoyal, Peer2Profit, and other such services refer to the installation of proxyware software for features that may go away. such as other such services and discloses that adware and other malware are used to distribute them and once this proxyware explicitly infects a device, then this malware itself checks whether the proxy client is running on the host’s file or not and if it knows that there is any blockage, then it uses p2p_start() to remove that blockage.

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