Play Store on Windows 11: Did You Install?

Did You Install the Play Store on Windows 11? Read This Now

After Windows 10, Windows has launched its new version. In the form of Windows 11, people believe that Windows has changed a lot in it, and many new features have been added to it one special feature is you can use Play Store on Windows 11. Along with this, many people have also started searching for information on how to install it, so many people are doing the same to Windows 11 on their computers. Do you also want to use Windows 11 or are already using it, definitely tell me in the comment?

Here’s What Happened

Before windows, 11 People Generally use Play Store on their Android phones, but this is something new for windows users, now windows 11 users also used Play Store on their computers. Unfortunately, this might be risky because it contained various types of malicious malware, but don’t worry in this guide we mentioned how you can fix it easily.

Before this, till Windows 10 we could not install any Android app on our computer but Windows 11 has provided this feature so that we can use Android apps on our computer, but not through the Google Play Store only. By the way, as soon as any new features come from people start searching for it online, this awareness has been raised among the people, how can we also use it, but there will hardly be any person who will be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Important note: On some websites, you can also find malware in the form of tutorials, but you need to be very careful. Don’t trust anyone blindly.

What the Script of Play Store on Windows 11 Did

With the help of the script, a tool will be downloaded to your system, in which you will be given the facility to install Google Play Store on your Windows 11 operating system. What’s more, you’ll also find obfuscated code in the tool that will allow it to set up a range of easily defined tasks, including in Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Brave. But only those Windows computers will be targeted whose language is set to English i.e. Hindi or other language Windows users will not be able to take advantage of this facility.

Malware search groups thought the extension’s first purpose was to deceive people through advertising as the browser extension was then run in the background in a “headless” browser window, effectively allowing it to be used by the user who was hiding from them.

Along with this, some such scripts were also run whose purpose was to fulfill the scheduled tasks done correctly. This means, that any computer will completely monitor the active tasks running inside it and whenever you open the task manager, it will kill every browser or every extension being used for advertising fraud at the same time.

Most commonly created related pair functions use curl to automatically download files from the original website, which very quickly delivers each malicious script, and then large-scale whatever users download and Simply execute.

Well this is good news that whoever was behind this attack has not been completely successful yet, but if he was successful in doing this, then it could have been very bad for many people all over the world, the curl task was used for nothing more than downloading a test called “esd”, which did nothing. We should thank them for quick action from CloudFlare, the domain from which curl task downloaded files is currently removed, this means we are all completely safe now.

You can fix this in two ways. First of all, you first of all manually delete all the affected files and all the scheduled tasks.

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