Pipedream Malware : Designed to target large companies like Powergrid and oil refineries

All About Pipedream Malware – Complete Discussion

A malware toolkit specially designed to target large companies like Powergrid and oil refineries, the creator of dangerous malware has named this Pipedream.

Designed specifically to target industrial control systems such as oil refineries, power grids, factories, and water utilities, this malicious malware represents a rare species of digital crime. So protesting against this, the United States government has not only opposed it but has also warned the creators of this malware targeting these companies and this notice will be sent to malware makers like these around the world.


Talking about this tool, according to Dragos, the toolkit can be used very easily against any industrial environment in general, and even before its creation, its makers mean hackers may have thought to target PowerGrod and Oil Refineries specifically. So according to the same CISA advisory, there is no weakness of any kind in this Pipedream malware, meaning this Pipedream malware software works perfectly, so Caltagirone has some technical deficiencies in its software as of now. There is some software defect that is currently being worked on to fix.

What are the intentions of these cybercriminals behind creating dangerous viruses?

These days cybercriminals are making online crime their only business because they are earning more profit from it in working time, but what they are looking for, they do not care what they are spending on them. In order to make people their victims in different areas, they are creating different types of viruses under different schemes and are also determining their work.

As much as these online criminals are active today and are looting through online activities, our cyber researchers have also become troubled and keep looking for a new way to stop them every day, but some of our mistakes go on us and We become victims of these cybercriminals.

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