Pegasus scandal: Israel will not sell cyber technology to 65 countries including UAE, India out of this list

After the revelations of the Pegasus espionage scandal, Israel is being criticized all over the world. Meanwhile, the Jewish country has taken a big decision. According to the Times of Israel report, Israel will no longer sell cyber technology to 65 countries. The list of these countries also includes the names of countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Morocco, although India has not been included in this list.

Pegasus scandal

According to the list, Israel used to sell cyber technology to 102 countries of the world till last year. After reducing this list, only 37 countries have been kept in it. Israel has specifically excluded those countries from the list, which have been criticized for human rights violations.

However, questions are also being raised on not removing Saudi Arabia and Mexico from this list. Saudi Arabia has been accused of killing Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Apple sues Israeli company NSO
Earlier on Wednesday, tech company Apple sued NSO, the Israeli company that made Pegasus. Apple had said that this company is targeting more than one billion iPhones. Apple says that there are 1.65 billion active Apple devices worldwide, of which more than 1 billion are iPhones.

There are already many cases going on against NSO. The company’s Pegasus spyware has been in controversy in many countries including India for a long time. Several reports claimed that thousands of activists, journalists and politicians were spied through Israeli spyware.

America has blacklisted NSO
The US administration has blacklisted NSO only a few weeks ago. The company was accused of trying to create international pressure in collusion with foreign governments. Apple has made a statement in federal court in California that to protect its users from harm, Apple wants a permanent ban on NSO Group from using Apple’s software, services and devices in any way.

What is Pegasus Spyware
Pegasus is a spyware. Spyware means software used for spying or surveillance. Through this any phone can be hacked. After hacking, all the information including the camera, mic, messages and calls of that phone goes to the hacker. This spyware is made by the Israeli company NSO Group.

Pegasus can be installed remotely on any phone or any other device. Pegasus can also be installed on your phone with just a missed call. Not only this, it can also be installed on your phone through WhatsApp message, text message, SMS and social media.

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