Omicron knock in Brazil too, 2 people found infected

Omicron knock in Brazil too, 2 people returned from South Africa found infected

The Omicron variant of the corona virus has also reached Brazil. Two new Omicron infected have been currently identified in Brazil. Both of them had returned after traveling from South Africa. The Health Secretariat of So Paulo State recently said that a 41-year-old male and 37-year-old female infected with Omicron infection have been already quarantined. Both of them had returned from South Africa on 23 November. His corona test was done on 25 November, at that time mild symptoms of infection were found in him.


Omicron variant had arrived in Europe a week ago

Health officials of the Netherlands gave a shocking information on Tuesday. He said- About 9 days ago in the Netherlands, two people were found to be Corona positive. Later, when they were further investigated, an Omicron variant was found in them. This means that this variant had arrived in Europe only a week ago. Both had come to the Netherlands from infected South Africa.

China may give more vaccines to Africa

According to the New York Times, China is considering donating one billion vaccines to African countries. This news is important because the new Omicron variant of Corona is being found the most in African countries and the rate of vaccination is the lowest in this continent. China has been accused of hiding facts in the case of Corona virus. It is believed that China is taking this step for this reason. However, so far the Chinese government has not officially given any information about this.

Merck’s tablet may get approval

A big meeting of health officers was held in America on Tuesday. It is believed that in this meeting, there was an idea to approve the anti-viral tablet of German company Merck, which is being seen as an important success and option in the treatment of corona. So far this drug has been found effective against delta, mu and gamma variants. It is possible that the US may also consider approving Pfizer’s tablet, which is believed to be as effective as Merck’s tablet. However, no information has been given officially.

The CEO of Moderna said – the current vaccine is less effective against Omicron
Stefan Bansel, CEO of drug maker Moderna, said on Tuesday that the current Kovid vaccine is not as effective against Omicron as it was against the delta variant. Bansal said- We should not take any decision in haste. We need to wait for more data. All the scientists I have spoken to have said that this is not a good sign in terms of epidemics.

American Pharma Thermo Fisher claims – the company’s test kit will accurately detect the new variant

The American pharma company has claimed that its test kit can successfully detect the new variant Omicron of Corona. A company named Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has said that the presence of Omicron in the sample can be detected easily and accurately when Kovid-19 testing is done through its test kit.

According to the company in the media reports, very effective results of this test named Tackpath have come out. This test can detect Omicron variants even if there is a change in the gene target after the mutation. Mark Stevenson, CEO of Thermo Fisher, said – In addition to detecting Omicron, this test can also be used as a proxy for new variants.

Let us tell you that due to the new variant, there is an atmosphere of panic all over the world. Many countries have suspended their international flights and banned movement in the country.

Company’s target on production

Stevenson said – this is the only Covid test, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This test will reveal whether a corona case is associated with the Omicron variant or not. He said that we are ready to increase the production of the kit to meet the demand of Africa and other countries.

Only Thermo Fisher has confirmed that this test kit can identify the Omicron variant. However, the Omicron variant can also be identified by the COVID test by Roche Holding and Abbott Laboratories.

WHO has placed Omicron in the category of Variant of Concern
The WHO has classified Omicron as a variant of concern because more than 30 mutations have been observed in its spike protein. According to the primary data of WHO, the risk of infection from this variant is much higher than other variants. After WHO data emerged, many countries are examining the efficiencies of existing vaccines on this variant. Omicron testing technology is also being studied.

8,954 new cases were found on the last day, 267 victims died; Currently 99,023 active cases

In the last 24 hours, 8,954 new corona cases have been found in the country and 267 people have died. During this, 10,207 people have also recovered. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, at present there are 99,023 active cases. Vaccination campaign is being run vigorously across the country. So far 1.24 billion people have been vaccinated.

Latest Updates…

New Guidelines for International Travelers Implemented The new guidelines issued by the Central Government regarding the prevention of ‘Variants of Concern’ Omicron of Corona virus found in South Africa have come into force from today. On the other hand, states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa etc. have issued many strict orders from their level as well.

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