New Octo Banking Trojan Spreading via Fake Apps on Google Play Store

What is New Octo Banking Trojan Virus

Octo banking Trojan is android malware, Octo means android malware means a malware targeting Android users called Octo banking Trojan. ExobotCompact is also a banking Trojan that was mainly a targeted financial institution in 2018.

Like other malware, it is also designed by cyber hackers for android users with remote access ability. Once Octo banking Trojan infects any android phone then users can’t detect or remove this because it hides very deep in the android system.

Octo banking Trojan

The more risky part of this nasty Octo banking Trojan is it will also capture the android screen silently, which means if the users open any sensitive things on their device this nasty virus silently captures the screen and send them to hackers. Suppose if you open any banking app on your device and this malicious virus records your id password and sends them to the hackers what will happen, no one can imagine.

We all know about the trojan virus and also know that how the trojan virus is dangerous Octo banking Trojan virus is also very dangerous as like other Trojan virus, so we never ignore this virus because if we ignore this cunning Octo banking Trojan virus then it will create a very big danger for infected android users. If you ignore this vicious android virus then there is no doubt that it will rob all the money of your bank and make you a pauper, then you will not be able to do anything even after repenting because once it robs your money in any way, then you also know that you will not get your money again.

According to the security researchers, the main motive of this vicious Octo banking Trojan virus is to target online transactions, because nowadays about 95% of the people in the whole world are using online transactions. That’s why cyber hackers have designed this virus so that without any problem they can fool as many people as possible and loot all their money and they also know that once they get money by any trick then nothing can happen after.

How to ignore Octo banking Trojan virus?

As science is increasing, the happiness and facilities of the people are also increasing and with this, the danger is also increasing, now it is up to us how we face those dangers. We are able to save ourselves from these fraudsters or fall prey to them, it all depends on our conscience.

If we rake some things, then very easily we can give a befitting reply to these fraudsters and we can stop them from being successful in our plans. So let us now try to know that many of us save ourselves and stop these fraudsters, then pay a little attention because a lot of attention is needed. We should never connect our Android mobile to an unknown WiFi network because we do not know which network is like and who is operating it.

Apart from this, we should never download any movies, games, or applications by visiting the torrent website. And with this, we should never install any crack app on our android mobile. And also we should never connect our android handset to any infected device.

So I hope that this article will be useful for you, then share it with your friends so that they can also be aware of this information and do not fall prey to any fraud. And if you want to take some opinion from our team, then you can ask us your year in the comment, our team will definitely try to answer you. Thank you.

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