New trend to reduce workplace mental pressure in America

New trend to reduce workplace mental pressure in America

In America, corporate employees up to the age of 35 do not take any time to resign now to reduce the mental pressure on the workplace. Here a record 3 per cent employees in the corporate sector resigned in September-October. Not only this, a new trend has also emerged in America. Mental pressure is increasing in corporates due to low pay for equal work at workplace, boss attitude and routine 9 to 5 work.

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In such a situation, employees are posting their resignations on social media. The post on Instagram is being called Insta Reel and the post on Tiktok is called QuitTalk. Tiffany, who works in an investment company, posted her resignation on social media wearing a hat and also danced to the famous singer Ariana Grande’s Thank You Next. He wrote that this resignation is for the betterment of my mental health. I was tired of my job.

Not only corporate employees, top executives are also posting their resignations on social media. Jack Dorsey, who recently resigned from the post of Twitter CEO, followed the same trend. Anthony Koltz of the University of Texas says that in the past, employees believed that if they did not have the conditions they wanted in the workplace, then they should quietly look for another job. But now the employees are taking the risk of making the resignation public. He is also getting a job in another company.

Earlier it was wrong to make the resignation public

JT O’Dolan of a career coaching platform says that in the work culture of a few decades ago, it was considered wrong to make your resignation public. But now the employees are giving fighting response on their behalf by posting the resignation on social media.

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