New Meta Malware stealer distributed in malspam campaign

What kind of malware is Meta Malware?

In the Metaviridae family, the Meta malware virus is one of the most genius viruses, mainly designed to steal information from infected machines created by hackers. This nasty malware is recently detected in malspam campaign, this virus is new but too much annoying and dangerous.

Meta Malware is firstly reported by Bleeping computer last month when 600000 machines were infected with info-stealing malware and warned about this vicious dark web marketplace named 2Easy.


Actually, 2easy is launched four years ago in 2018, but last year its growth was very fast. By The analysis of researchers of KELA it suddenly growth is very fast on the market’s platform and become very popular.

All About Meta malware

As we already discuss Meta malware is an info stealer virus, info stealer means an information stealer comes under the Trojan virus and the Trojan virus is mainly designed to steal information and sensitive data. This type of severe malware mainly steals confidential information, login information, and credit card details for their authors. Not only this it can also silently collect clipboard data, wallets of cryptocurrency information, two-factor authentications data, keystrokes, whole system pieces of information, etc, and send them to the cybercriminals.

The main motive of Meta malware or other info stealer virus is to target more and more machines and earn a huge amount of money for the cyber hackers. Commonly they silently sneak into the computer then hide deep into the system and modify the registry editor to avoid detection and removal by antivirus software. Here we also mentioned some other types of info stealers so please take a short look – Jester Stealer, Jingzo Stealer, Lightning Stealer.

The worst part of any info stealer virus is it can silently take a screenshot of your computer and it is really very critical. Not only this according to security researchers it has one more ability of clipper means it easily copies any from an infected system. So we should never ignore any kind of info stealer malware in our system.

How did InfoStealer infiltrate our computer?

One of the primary techniques of type of info stealer malware spread is social engineering methods and phishing. This type of Trojan virus is attached to crack software, game, or other programs. They can also spread through junk email attachments, nowadays fake email attachments became very easy for all kinds of malware to spread.

You can also invite this type of virus and other dangerous threats like Trojan, Ransomware, Adware, Browser Hijackers through peer to peer file sharing, Torrent websites nowadays many peoples are using the torrent websites to download free movies, games, or software but this is completely dangerous because this gives an opportunity to the hackers to make our system their victim and they already hide this type of virus here. Another very common way of this installer virus spreading is porn websites.

If we never visit any open any fake attachments, never download any crack software, game,s or movies from torrent websites, never watched porn movies from unknown websites, and stop sharing files from one device to another advice then we can easily avoid this nasty info stealer virus.

Short Look on Metaviridae

Metaviridae is not new to the virus world, it is the family of viruses that generally exist as Ty3-gypsy, Metaviridae, or Retrovirus are very closely related to each other, Meta Virus has also belonged Metaviridae family. If any family member of the Metaviridae virus infects any computer then meta malware re also invited without any knowledge of the system users.  So our team suggests that if you are also a victim of this virus then quickly remove this and if you want any help then comment on this page, and we will reply and help.

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