Secret Sources of Rust-based Luca Stealer Malware available on Hacker Forums

Secret Sources of Rust-based Luca Stealer Malware available on Hacker Forums

Luca Stealer is a special type of malware that is specially designed to steal information from infected computers whose source is written in Rust and published for free on hacker forums. So the same security experts revealed that Luca Stealer is a type of InfoStealer malware that has been actively used by hackers in computer-related attacks since long ago.

Luca Stealer

The more dangerous this virus is, the more work time has gone into designing it and I am giving this information to all of you on the basis of what the author of this malware has claimed, he has claimed that he has given this malware only in six hours. The more dangerous this virus is, the more it is adept at hiding itself and it seems like this because the rate of finding it on VirusTotal is only 22%, which only targets computers with Windows-based operating systems.

And the people who named this dangerous infostealer malware Luca Stealer and reported this virus are the ones who discover new malware, as well as a surface, probe them I’m talking about none other than Cyble analysts.

Although I have already told you in the above line that the Infostealer virus is mainly used for stealing but do you know that it mainly stores most of the stored bank card information as well as cookies and credentials. First of all, it keeps an eye on its target, not only that it also keeps an eye on stealing Discord tokens, cryptocurrency browser extensions, Ubisoft Play, Steam accounts, and information that can make more profit for its author.

On the other hand, if we talk about Luka Steller in particular, according to the researchers, it has a special view on the passwords that are protected in the browser of the system and first of all this malware works to steal them.

Another feature of the Luca Stealer virus is that it takes screenshots of any required documents and creates .png files that can be executed by the whoami for the host profiling, and first of all it collects the information and then carefully transfers all the documents to its authors.

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