INCONTROLLER: A Malware Target Multiple Industrial Control Systems

Oriented Attack Tools which is a novel Industrial Control System (ICS) specially designed for direct targeting of Machine Automation equipment which is also known as INCONTROLLER has another name and that name is also very popular as Pipedream. You may also be familiar with this name because in the previous article we mentioned Pipedream in detail if you want, and you can see, that CSTECHGEEK analyzed it in association with Schneider Electric in early 2022.


At the same time, if we talk about the technical system of this INCONTROLLER, then it has seen some drawbacks, such as the targeting of any type of operating environment using this toolset is not clear and is not good news at all. For owners of organizations who want to profit by using malware, this can prove to be really dangerous for them. This type of malware is created and used to interact with specific industrial equipment embedded in all kinds of machinery, leveraged in many industries.

The same if we talk about the capabilities of this malware, then it can prove to be really very dangerous because it can be used very easily by sitting in any corner of the state and is packed with all kinds of capabilities related to disruption, sabotage and possible physical destruction.

Similarly, if we talk about big factories, refineries, then everything has its own department and in every department, there are one or more technicians associated with that department and they also have the ability to handle this type of malware, but still, the organizations who want to profit by using malware always fall prey to them because they always think two steps ahead and this INCONTROLLER malware which they are currently using helps them a lot too.

There is no doubt that INCONTROLLER malware has been created by cyber attackers to manipulate and disrupt industrial processes as per their wish. Even industries have to use different types of networks and equipment to do their work and they also use it because without its use it is impossible to run any factory or industry and its only advantage is this cybercriminal INCONTROLLER Raise with the help of and earn your profit.

Just as our facilities are increasing day by day and we are developing, we are using different types of technology for our facilities and in the same way, these cybercriminals are also developing their technology and creating malware day by day to rob us and it is impossible to stop it completely, we can just face it, in which many times we may have to fall prey to them, there is no other way than this.

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