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How to lose weight? Effective Ways to Burn Body Fat

How to lose weight? Effective Ways to Burn Body Fat

At the present scenario most of the people are panic because of their weight or belly. Do you know why our weight is increasing regularly, we are not taking too much fatty food but still our weight is increasing day by day.

Actually now a days people don’t want to do physical exercise because of work pressure and also they have not enough time to do any kind of physical exercise. Yo know what once your weight is start increasing you just can’t stop it without any medicine or hard physical exercise, but don’t worry in this blog we discuss some food or some very simple physical activities that can help you to lose weight or belly fat.

lose weight

Most of the people think that dieting will help them in weight loss they do the dieting but after sometimes they got the very different and astonishing result Instead of losing their weight they gain some more weight.

You can check your weight by BMI. BMI It has this formula – Weight (in kg) / Height (in meters)2.

  1. If your BMI is less than 18.5, you will be considered underweight.
  2. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 then your weight is considered normal.
  3. Similarly, BMI from 25 to 029.9. Being overweight is considered.
  4. BMI of over 30 It is called obese or obesity.
  5. BMI during pregnancy limit does not apply.
  6. BMI Does not depend on age and gender.

First we try to understand why we must should lose weight specially lose our belly fat. At first tell me do you know is obesity the cause of many diseases? Such as : Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Respiratory Compromise, Migraine, Asthma, Loss of Memory, High Blood pressure, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia and if you don’t want this type of disease then you must be lose your weight. If you go online and check how to lose weight? or how to lose belly fat then millions of result you will see but there are only few website that give you the correct information. most of the website misguide you, so be careful.

lose weight

If you really want to lose your weight then you must have to avoid some bad habits like : don’t take too much alcohol, try to avoid smoking because smoking is the main cause of lungs cancer so avoid it more and more, take a enough sleep because when we are sleeping our body is in complete relaxing mode and if our body is in relaxing mode then our also is in relaxing mode and that time our mind is stress free, don’t take too much stress, as we all know that now a days stress is also a part our life but try to be relax and don’t take stress.

Now I am going to tell you some food that help you to lose weight in very few time.

Lemon-Water : For loosing weight in very few time, you must should take a full glass of lemon water early in the morning in empty stomach. for better result you can also take lemon water twice in day but don’t include sugar or anything in your lemon water.

Apple : you should take an apple in morning, you just can’t imagine how an apple help you to lose weight. apple is good for our digestion system and if our digestion system is good we take any food our digestion system easily digest them.

Curd : curd is also very good for lose weight citric acid is also available in curd, curd is also very good our skin.

After all this you must have to do some physicals exercise because without some physical exercise losing weight is quite impossible so now here we also discuss which exercise should we do because now a day people have don’t enough time to exercise but for good health we have manage with our daily routine and take some time off because if our health is good then we can earn money but if our health is not good so we will work or go to the hospital. So this is really a very delicate subject and we should not take it lightly at all. so lets gets discuss about some exercise that help us to lose weight.

  • Walking,
  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Pushups

So guys by the help of these exercise you can also lose your weight in very few time and make your body healthy.

Your Lifestyle for Weight Loss (Body Fat) to reduce obesity

To get rid of obesity, your lifestyle should be like this:-

  1. Get up within the morning, select a walk, and exercise.
  2. Food ought to be taken 2 hours before sleeping.
  3. Dinner ought to be light-weight and simply edible.
  4. Eat a balanced and low fat diet.
  5. Include nutrients in diet set up for weight loss.
  6. Instead of uptake additional quickly, one thing edible and light-weight ought to be devoured in an exceedingly short time.
  7. Your diet ought to include inexperienced vegetables, fruits, curd, buttermilk, raw pulses and fruity.
  8. Fasting ought to be done once every week by overwhelming fruit juices and lukewarm water.
  9. Never skip meals to slim down. Instead, eat a diet and exercise. uptake a diet doesn’t result in weight gain and an individual remains healthy.
  10. Never leave food. certify to eat 3 meals on a daily basis. If you skip anyone of the 3 meals, the result are going to be that you simply consume additional food within the next meal and since of this, weight gain.
  11. Do have breakfast. The body wants energy to perform physical activities throughout the day, that isn’t attainable while not breakfast.
  12. Walk 4-5 km briskly each morning, subsequently ten minutes when sitting on a chair, drink lukewarm water sips on your abdomen. This technique is simplest in home remedies for weight loss

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