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How to boost your immune system (immunity) To avoid coronavirus

To avoid coronavirus, strengthen immunity, increase immunity power with these five measures

The fact is that we know very little about immunity and we have come to know about it only now, when we are in the grip of a global pandemic. Immunity – This word has never been so popular in the public before today. It is said that during the last one year, immunity has an important role behind the success of about 28 million people who have been successful in defeating the novel corona virus all over the world. Even governments have started pinning their hopes on this magic word to bring back a faltering economy. But it is this belief in “immunity” that has been the most misused term in recent months.


The threat of coronavirus from China has reached India as well. Coronavirus is also a type of flu, whose symptoms usually look like a cold, such as phlegm, swelling of the throat, headache, high fever and difficulty in breathing. Like all flu, it also affects people who have weak immunity. There is no magic formula to boost immunity. But by regularly trying some natural remedies, we can increase our immunity in the coming days and thus protect ourselves from not only coronavirus but also many other similar diseases. Let us know about these remedies today.

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Immune System

1. Wake up early, but after getting enough sleep

Regular lifestyle has a special role in increasing immunity. The most important of these is getting up early in the morning. Waking up early means leaving the bed between 5 am and 6 am in summer and 6 to 7 pm in winter. But getting up early doesn’t mean you have to get half-baked sleep. A minimum of 7 hours (and a maximum of 8 hours) of sleep is essential every day. Lack of sleep increases the level of a hormone called cortisol in the body. This hormone not only increases stress, but also weakens our immune system.

2. Eat sunshine, exercise or even do yoga

Along with getting up early, it is also necessary to walk regularly and do exercise or yoga. Even if you massage the body with light hands, it will be even better. Morning walk, massage and exercise/yoga secrete enzymes and hormones in the body which are helpful in protecting against flu like coronavirus by boosting our immunity. Also try that the time of morning walk and exercise should be such that your body can get sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning. Research conducted by many institutions including the Mayo Clinic has confirmed that morning sunlight is helpful in increasing immunity.

3. Have breakfast in the morning

Metabolism is important in boosting immunity. The better our metabolism, the better our immunity will be. To increase metabolism, it is not only necessary to have breakfast in the morning, but it is also necessary to eat something healthy at an interval of four to four hours. You must also include things like curd or buttermilk or milk-paneer in your diet daily, whose good bacteria will protect you from getting sick.

4. Eat Garlic, Ginger, Citrus Fruits

Herbs like garlic, ashwagandha and ginger have the ability to boost our immunity and prepare the body to fight infections. If all or any of these are consumed regularly, then the possibility of infection will be reduced to a great extent. Include some citrus fruits in your daily diet. These can be anything from lemon to orange, mosambi. If they cannot eat, then eating at least one gooseberry daily will be enough. Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C, which reduce the effect of free radicals and increase immunity.

5. Drink more and more water

The easiest way to increase immunity is to drink plenty of water (kidney patients should not do this). The more water you drink, the more toxins will come out of the body and you will be free from infection. If you make a habit of drinking honey or basil water once or twice a day, then it will be even better. You can also drink green tea. But do not sit on this measure only. To increase immunity, it is very important to regularly try all or some of the above-mentioned measures.

Some advance tips that helps to increase immunity power only in 10 days

Immunity keeps us safe from many diseases. There are many such minor diseases that our body deals with on its own.

Immune System

Immunity keeps us safe from many diseases. There are many such minor diseases that our body deals with on its own. When the immune system is weak, the effects of diseases are quick. In such a situation, the body becomes weak and we start falling ill very often.

Our immune system keeps us safe from many diseases. Immunity provides protection against many types of bacterial infections, fungal infections. From these things, it becomes clear that the possibility of getting sick increases due to weakening of the immune power. In such a situation, it is very important that we maintain our immune power.

There can be many reasons for the weakening of immunity. Sometimes this happens due to the carelessness of the diet, sometimes due to bad habits of intoxication and sometimes it is also due to congenital weakness.

Now the question arises that if the immune power becomes weak, then what measures should be taken to increase it? Here are some such remedies, which you can try to increase your immunity within a week:

  1. Green tea and black tea, both are beneficial for the immune system, but drink only one to two cups of them in a day. Consuming it in excess can cause harm.
  2. Eating raw garlic is also helpful in boosting immunity. Adequate amounts of allicin, zinc, sulphur, selenium and vitamins A and E are found in it.
  3. Immune power also increases with the consumption of curd. Along with this, it also helps in keeping the digestive system better.
  4. Adequate amount of fibers are found in oats. In addition, it also has anti-microbial properties. Consuming oats every day strengthens the immune system.
  5. Vitamin D is very important for us. It gives strength to fight against many diseases. Along with this, it is very important to take vitamin D to keep bones strong and to keep heart related diseases away.
  6. Consuming vitamin C is very beneficial for protection from infectious diseases. Adequate amount of vitamin C is found in lemon and gooseberry, which is helpful in maintaining immunity.

Immune System

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