Cryptocurrency Scam Ads Shows on the British Army Twitter Accounts & YouTube

Cryptocurrency Scam Ads Shows on the British Army Twitter Accounts & YouTube

A very shocking news is that the Twitter accounts and YouTube channel of the British Army have been hacked by some very dangerous cyber hackers, and not only this, they have also been used for some time to promote cryptocurrency scams.

If we sincerely focused on the whole incident, then it will not be as difficult as we think, according to the information received by the internet, firstly verified Twitter accounts advertised the power of cryptocurrency scam and some fake NFTs so that more and more people could know about it. In addition, the channel name was changed to “Ark Invest” on YouTube to mislead people, and old clips of Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey were also aired to make sure no one was suspicious.

Cryptocurrency Scam Ads

By the way, there is no doubt that you will already know that according to security researchers, Twitter images can easily hide up to 3 MB of data, and at the same time attackers have used the Twitter API to match usernames to phones.

However, it is a very serious matter to think that in spite of so much high security, how does this type of incident is happened? By the way, for your information, let us explain to you that in a recently released official statement, the Defense of UK Department has also confirmed that Twitter and YouTube accounts were indeed hacked, but for the time being control of the accounts has been restored and the incident is being deeply investigated. At the same time, unfortunately, the details of the attacks or the attackers are not yet fully known, as the Defense Ministry also stated that “further comments are inappropriate until the investigation is complete.”

According to The Wayback Machine, the Twitter account has been renamed to “pssssd” as well as changes to their title image and profile avatar of the British army, and the dangerous attackers who control the account are actively Were also posting and retweeting links to all cryptocurrency-related fraudulent sites.

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