Criminals now lets you search their stolen data

Criminals now lets you search their stolen data

By the way, there is no doubt that these days cybercriminals have become more active and keep doing something better in their work every day so that they can increase their profits. Recently, researchers found that two groups of hackers have done something new again, they are now forcing victims to pay ransom under a new strategy. Actually, they ask the users to pay ransom otherwise they will leak their stolen data.

Perhaps you will also be curious to know what is happening and how these hackers are able to do all this very easily. You might be surprised to know that over 30 hacker groups operate under the “ransomware virus as a single service” model, and I don’t think any of you Wouldn’t know about Ransomware Virus.

By the way, if you search on the Internet about this topic, you will see many results, but still, we want to give you complete information so that you can also be careful and also warn other people associated with you. Recently, a forum called Bleeping Computer wrote in its post that last week the Victims extortion group ALPHV (Blackcat) announced the creation of a separate database, which only includes data of such people who have not yet given any payment or ransom money.

The hackers say that the complete data of those people who have not paid the ransom amount such as documents, and photos have also been prepared with the file name so that money can be recovered from everyone. Not only this, the gang of cyber criminals also prepared a complete strategy in mid-June, after all, they have also created a searchable website for how to do all this, through which they are in the process of carrying out this incident.

Apart from all this, journalists note that LockBit ransomware and Karakurt ransomware have been given the option of searching on the website, in which they present a complete list related to searching for anything, but this function is not working properly in Karakurt ransomware yet.

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