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Computer – A Boon Or A Curse ?

If I am not wrong, then now a day’s not only adults even every child will not only know about the computer but will definitely know how to use it. The computer is a very good means of entertainment in this busy world and not only adults but children also like it very much. Now a separate computer course has also been added in all the colleges and schools.


It not only has the ability to do a lot of our work in a pinch and at the same time whenever we are getting bored, but it also entertains us. If you go to any government or private office, railway station, police station, or any kind of hospital, you will get to see computers there. This is nothing, computers are being used even in the biggest factories.

Have you ever wondered why computers have become such an integral part of our lives so quickly? Why has this every awakening become so important? How does it manage to do the most difficult tasks with such ease? There are many questions, probably so many that to find answers to all of them, we will have to take the help of a computer.

As soon as it has come among us and has become an important part of our life, it is really praiseworthy. Whoever made the computer, what must have been going on in their mind while making it? Would its creator have ever felt that his invention would become necessary for so many people in the future? By the way, let me tell you that Charles Babbage is the great person who invented the digital computer for the first time.

Do you know that sometimes boon also becomes a curse, in the same way, if we do a little carelessness in the use of a computer, then we can also get into big trouble. Most of people around the world have started using computers according to their needs, and in view of this, some cybercriminals create viruses to take advantage of this.

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