Attackers are preferring Brute Rattle C4 over Cobalt Strike

These days cyber attackers are preferring Brute Rattle C4 over Cobalt Strike

According to the information received, security experts have specifically warned that cyber attackers today except for a well-known tool Cobalt Strike, work with the famous Red Team Tool, Brute Rattle Command and Control Center (Brute Rattle C4 or BRC 4. ), now the thing to think about is what is their intention behind this.

Cobalt Strike

By the way, Cobalt Strike does not need any introduction because most people must be aware of it, especially those people who are associated with the world of ethical hacking.

After a lot of in-depth research, we finally found out that certain analysts from Palo Alto Unit 42 found that BRc4 is already a Russian-speaking hack group, meaning hackers from Russia that belong to APT29 (aka CozyBear and Dukes) had already been adopted.

Now if we talk about the cobalt strike then it is well known commercial penetration testing tool specially designed for ethical hacking. These days these hackers are switching to Brute Ratel C4 with some thought, it is a bit difficult to guess because before that for a very long time, these hackers especially from ransomware operators to government APT groups.

Although one of the reasons behind this could also be that Cobalt Strike is an expensive tool even then some hackers find different ways to use it like relying on pirated, old, and cracked versions.

Chetan Nayak, a former member of the Red Team, made BRc4 in 2020 as an alternative to the Cobalt Strike. Cobalt Strike allows “beacons” to be deployed on all devices compromised in order to remotely monitor any network or execute commands entirely. So the same if we talk about Brute Ratel, it allows deploying of “badgers” in remote hosts, which are similar to beacons in Cobalt Strike.

Maybe this can also be the reason that these days hackers are showing little interest in Brute Ratel C4, by the way, what do you think about it, you can give us your opinion in the comment, and we will definitely consider your opinion, and if we like it, then we will include it in other posts.

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