CNA Financial : US one of the largest insurance companies reportedly paid $40 million to the hackers of nasty ransomware Virus

CNA Financial : US one of the largest insurance companies reportedly paid $40 million to the hackers of nasty ransomware Virus

US one of the largest insurance companies named CNA Financial, paid $40 million to make free itself from a malicious ransomware virus attack that sadly occurred in the month of March, according to the report from Bloomberg, the evil cyber hackers reportedly demanded $60 million when negotiations and this amount s really to high started about a week after some of CNA’s systems were automatically encrypted, and the CNA Financial insurance company finally paid the lower sum a week later.


But the point is if the $40 million ransom demand money is accurate, CNA Financial payout then Undoudetly it would rank as one of the highest ransom money payouts that we know about and this is really very terrible and we must think some thing abut how we can save our system from cunning ransomware attack & we must should take some strong action to stop ransomware attack, although that’s not for lack of trying by the nasty evil group of cyber hackers: both Apple and Acer companies had data that was also compromised by vicious ransomware in separate $50 million ransom money also demands earlier this year. It also seems to be the evil group of cyber hackers are looking for bigger payouts: just this week we saw reports that Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 million ransom to hackers. While that number isn’t as staggering as the demands ransom money made to CNA, it is still really too higher than the estimated average enterprise ransom money demand by the hackers in 2020.

Here i want to tell you that Law enforcement agencies highly recommend against paying ransoms money to the cyber hackers and try to convince the innocent users that paying ransom money to hackers will encourage them to keep asking for higher and higher ransom money, and there are also not confirm that after paying the ransom money you will get your data back because we just can’t trust on nasty criminals. For your information i would like to say that the CNA told Bloomberg that it wouldn’t release any comment on the ransom demand by the the hackers, but that it had also “followed all laws, rules & regulations, and also published guidelines, including OFAC’s 2020 ransomware guideline, in its handling of this nasty ransomware attack matter.” In currently update from May 12, the CNA says that it strongly believes its policyholders data were unaffected from ransomware attack.

According to the Bloomberg, the nasty ransomware virus that locked CNA systems was Phoenix Locker ransomware, a Derived of another piece of malicious malware known as Hades. This nasty Hades virus was assumedly designed by the Russian group with the Mr. Robot-esque name Evil Corp.

How to Remove Browser Hijacker, Redirect, Adware, Trojan, Spyware, Ransomware From PC

Now a days this is very import  to know some basic about how we can easily ignore ransomware attack, i know it is some thing but if we decide confidently then we can easily stop the infection of ransomware.

To avoid any ransomware attack, follow these some basic rules while using your system:

  1. You should must be always go with Custom Installation no matter what application you are going to install in your system;
  2. Always Uncheck hidden options which generally attempt to install additional programs hope you never need this type of program;
  3. Always scan all your each and every downloaded files and applications or every type of attachments of email before you open them on your system;
  4. you must should Never ever open any attachments of unknown or spam emails because they often bring malware or ransomware on your system without your knowing.
  5. Never visit Torrent/adult / porn websites because they are the most prominent source of malicious malware.
  6. Never- ever try to update any applications from nonofficial or unknown websites that some times suddenly appears on your system screen.
  7. Never download any type of cracked application or programs because they often bundled with nasty threat or ransomware that will get installed automatically on your machine.

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