Serious Bug Found in Linux Kernel ksmbd Module

By the way, Linux is the most secure and reliable operating system in the computer world. This operating system is very simple and easy to use for those who use it regularly or who have taken separate training on Linux. But it can be a bit difficult for Windows users as it requires knowledge of vise type coding to use it.

So right there we tell you that the experts of the Thales Group discovered a Linux bug in the pitchy summer season. That nasty bug allows an unauthenticated user to remotely execute any code very easily in any way they want. The critical bug that the experts found was named (CVE-2022-47939) and was found in the ksmbd module of the Linux kernel.


Actually, the thing is that if you use Linux then you must know about Samba. I am asking this because ksmbd SMB3 has been prepared as its alternative so that users do not have any problems. In 2021, ksmbd was included in the Linux code. It was built by the expert engineers of LG and Samsung so that users can get new features by using it.

At the same time, this bug was so dangerous, maybe that’s why the researchers decided to wait by stopping the disclosure of the data for about 6 months. Well, whatever decision the researchers took keeping security in mind, it was really a compliment to the clan. By the way, you must be aware that if this type of critical bug is ignored even a little bit, then how big a problem can come to the fore?

Seeing this type of bug, last year SerNet which is a well-known company from Germany. Not only this even SerNet also offers its own version of Samba. Told through a blog that ksmbd is generally effective but still immature. Not only this but when the experts discovered this bug, then many users as well as the experts became very worried.

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