Bug Allowed eavesdrop on users in Google Home Smart Speakers

Google Home Smart Speakers

Do you also use Google’s Home smart speakers in your home or in your office? It is very good to hear Google Home smart speakers, which provide some extra features. In which there is no need to get up, again and again, to turn on or off the music or to change the music. We can do it while sitting in one place that’s really amazing. Guys if we see it in the true sense, all these smart features are being launched day by day. This type of product makes our work very easy in this fast-paced world.

Google Home Smart Speakers
Any kind of smart home product really makes our life heaven and probably no one can deny this. There is definitely a desire in the mind of every person, that he should have every smart product. So that his work becomes easy and people in society praise him. Many people still ignore this type of product but there is no wrong with this. Because, in this fast-paced world, people are so engrossed in their daily routines. They do not have enough time to do each and every work by themselves.

So let’s now talk a little bit about the disadvantages of all these services. Because when there is so much benefit, then there will definitely be some loss. Suppose you are using Google Home Smart Speakers and someone you don’t know is secretly listening to all your talk. I mean to say those things that others should not hear at all. Those things that if someone else hears then you can be harmed. I hope you can understand what I am trying to make you understand.

Bug found in Google Home Smart Speakers

Something similar has happened with Home Smart Speakers, yes you are probably understanding something. Researcher Matt Kunze discovered that bug in Google Home Smart Speakers. He also revealed that with the help of this bug, hackers can listen to the private conversations of users. For this excellent work, Google gave Researcher Matt Kunze $ 1,07,500 as an award.

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