Borat RAT – cultural learnings or serious malware?

The Cyble Researchers recently discovered a new nasty RAT (Remote Access Trojan) named Borat Virus which is highly capable of operating all kinds of a Ransomware attack and DDOS. This virus allows infected machines to simultaneously do whatever they want on a very large scale, and this malware is very difficult to delete. One more thing I want to clarify is that this vicious Borat Rat Virus recently has only appeared on several Darknet malware selling forums, so we need to be very careful.

The hackers named this virus after inspiring the black mockumentary movie named Borat and the image used in This Borat Rat Virus is also taken from the same movie who played the main role in the movie named Sacha Baron Cohen. The Borat Rat is a complete package of supporting modules builder binary, server certificate, etc.

Borat Trojan Complete Analysis

By the Cyble Researchers, the organization of threat intelligence released a very large report about the nasty Borat Trojan. According to their statements, this malicious malware has already been attacked various times. Along with such malware offers few jocking actions like as specter of the other cyber-attack vectors. One of the worst parts of this cunning Trojan is it also carries a stealer, keylogger, downloader, and spyware functions.


Additional secrecy for the Borat malware is provided by the ability to chop the payload into pieces that perform different tasks. For example, If you only need the DDoS module, you can easily chop off the rest and get very lightweight executable files and data that will be even more and more difficult to trace. A very useful thing to attack both corporations and individuals. In addition, you can also select very easily which module to run even after injection – Relic will not be installed. Such type of flexibility gives this malicious malware a very huge advantage.


Borat RAT Remote Access is a very powerful and unique combination of nasty Trojan, Spyware, and Ransomware, making it a triple threat to any machine tampered with. With the extra ability to record audio and easily control webcams and conduct any traditional information-stealing behavior, Borat Rat is clearly a very nasty threat to keep an always eye on.

The distribution methods of this nasty remote-access Borat Trojan are still obscure. The cyber researchers found no confirmation of a paid subscription or a one-time purchase of a finished product. But it is also clear that such a well-finished product took a very long time to create, and its creators would be also very glad to receive a penny for their brainchild.

How dangerous it is?

Like any other multi-functional malicious malware threat, it also poses a lot of danger to any type of computer user. However, using this nasty malware on individuals is really very dangerous and risk-taking. Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has a very special modular structure, and each module implements a conspicuous functionality. Below we mentioned the list of modules analyzed by Cybele researchers:

  • Keylogger – “keylogger.exe” is responsible for all monitoring and storing the keystrokes in the victim’s system.
  • Ransomware – This module easily and silently delivers a ransomware virus payload to the victim’s system for encrypting users’ files and data as well as for demanding a huge amount of ransom money.
  • DDOS – This module is mainly used to perform a DDOS attack, and sends various junk traffic to the victim’s server using the resources of the infected device.
  • Audio stream Recording – The module can easily record all the audio of a machine using a microphone on an infected computer system.
  • Video recording – if any type of camera is available on the infected machine, then this nasty threat can easily record a video stream.
  • Remote Access – It also Provides remote desktop working capacity to operators of the threats.
  • Credential stealing – This nasty virus also allows its author to steal account credentials stored in Chromium-based browsers files in an attempt to easily get the usernames and passwords.

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