Attackers Demands $10 million to unlock computer from CHSF

Ransomware Attquers has carried out a very unfortunate incident in Paris, which is called the largest city and capital of France. CHSF (Center Hospitalier Sud Francilien) is located only 28 kilometers from the Paris center and has a population of about 600,000 this hospital is the main hospital in the area and is also considered the whole area’s medical center. Perhaps this is also the reason that the attackers have made this hospital their target.


Perhaps this is also the reason that the attackers targeted this hospital, after which they were facing huge problems from the hospital management to the common patients, such as due to the system being hacked, neither the hospital management nor its patients were better. Was able to refer to medical facilities and at the same time postponing the surgery optionally.

According to the information received by the hospital management in an official statement the attack that took place on CHSF by Attackers, the result of which came out that the technical department of that hospital was completely damaged, due to which the problems increased further and the software as well as the storage system of that hospital In particular, whatever database patients had, whether it was their admission or their medicines or when they needed what type of medical observation, all the information related to them became completely inactive or unavailable.

So according to a French newspaper named “Le Monde”, the ransomware attackers attacked the CHSF (center Hospitalier Sud Francilien) and demanded $10,000,000 ransom money on behalf of the data decryption from the hospital administration or there is no doubt that this amount is too much. By the way, it is not hidden from anyone that the only purpose behind these attackers attacking any institution with a ransomware virus is that they can recover a hefty amount in the form of ransom money in lieu of decryption from that institution.

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