Android banking scam malware takes over calls to customer support

All about Android banking scam malware

Nowadays cyber hackers changed their track, gone are the days when they only targeted computers user but now they also target Android users called Android banking scam, because they know that at present, almost the entire population of the world is using Android phones and they keep all the information about their work in their Android phones. Whether it is information related to credit cards or bank accounts, even they keep all the information related to their stock market on the phone and many more such secret things which can give a lot of benefits to these cybercriminals.

Android banking

If ever you or your relative or any friends have come across this type of Android banking scam then you can understand how frightening and terrifying it is to think about the quantity. And if this Android banking scam becomes successful to make someone a victim of their conspiracy, then it cannot be imagined what would have happened to the person. You just understand that if only some of our money is lost, then we become restless, who have robbed the lifetime deposit of our life by being a seeker of this Android banking scam.

How to Avoid Android banking

If you do not want to be a victim of this Android banking scam, then for the time being I would say that if someone’s phone comes on Android mobile and no matter how much they lure you, you will not trust anyone. You will not download any application no matter how much anyone tells you by ignorant. The entire team of cybercriminals is sitting to fool you into completely emptying your bank account and if you do even a little mistake then no one can save you again.

These days, many such cases are being seen in which criminals are calling common Android users and telling them that the customs officer is speaking and your parcel has arrived, but if you want to take it, then you have to pay customs fees and common People pay the customs fee due to this greed but they get nothing in return and later they come to know that they have become a victim of Android Banking scam.

Not only this, many people have also complained that they got a call from the bank and their card has expired, in fact only cybercriminals make such calls and talk to people as bank staff, and this conveyance to common people. They do that their debit card is about to expire and they take all the details from them to update and empty their entire bank balance.

If I say that not only this but nowadays the incidence of Android banking scams has increased a lot and it cannot be counted every day how many people are looking for it. Actually, we do a lot of damage in the process of making a little profit of ourselves, why these cyber hackers are sitting in wait when we make a mistake and they can make us their victims.

Another such incident which I have seen very closely, now let me tell you about a friend of mine who does a private job one day he gets a call and he is told that your number has been selected in lucky number. And you have got the reward, the reward factor was very high so that my friend also got greedy and he also made a mistake which he should not have done and the punishment for the mistake had to be given. There is no scope for even a small mistake in the online world.

How to avoid This Android scam

  1. Never ever trust on any unknown call.
  2. Never ever share your Android mobile with an unknown.
  3. Do not visit any suspicious website.
  4. Do not visit the torrent websites and never download any crack software from there.
  5. Always try to avoid porn websites.


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